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This is legitimately the most frustrating game I have ever played. I am close to tears, and kind of almost mad? Because it's adorable, and a really freaking cool concept, and I want to experience it, but I just can't! The very mechanic that makes this so interesting is making me never want to look at it again. I think this could be easily fixed if the game saved after answering each question, so I don't have to restart the entire game and click through tons of dialogue and get through all of the previous "move the white ball" games if I screw up. It's supposed to be hard to pick the truth options, maybe a little stressful. Not fighting sans in undertale style spirit breaking, repetitive and unavoidable failure. I guess maybe I'm a freak for being so determined to pick the truthful responses. Is it supposed to be impossible? Is this a commentary on how sometimes you just can't make the words come out, no matter how hard you want to, how hard you try? 

... I'm sure I sound insane. It's just been a while since I've had to actually give up on a game due to difficulty lol


Sorry I'm so late, myl ife's a bit of a mess haha!

Yeah, that's exactly the thing I was going for, a little metaphor how difficult it is and stressful. You don't sound insane, aActually the last stage is impossible. Second to last is very difficult but possible!

I hope you don't stay mad :( 

But thank you for playing!

extremely difficult but not impossible you can complete it by using the ctrl+alt+tab glitch 

huh maybe i'll try that


or u can just use a touchscreen


the last ones not impossible

i beat it

i used a touchscreen


You don't need to beat the dexterity puzzles to finish the game. Don't restart, just keep going.


It wasn't enjoyable to me lmao