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Haha nice! Well done!

Oops probably!

Each faction gets their own starting level with their troops. If any of them is missing a banner after that level, that means I forgot haha

Thank you! Glad you had fun.

Thank you very much! :D

Is good, my friend!

Oh no it's just a couple of pre-defined levels! Thank you!

oh that's a nice idea! I'll keep it around

Mhm you're right, it is a bit restrictive... Thanks for playing!

Oh that's so nice to hear! Thank you very much! Hmm I don't know why it freeze,s I'll have to figure it out. Thanks a lot, I hope it won't disappoint!

Oh these are good points! Thank you very much! I'm really happy you had a fun time!

Great ideas! I'm adding them to the pool. I'm working really hard on the design to make it a fun experience, so every idea helps. Thank you very much!

Hey! Most likely it will get its own page. It might be a bad decision, but I'd like to keep this version for posterity. 

Haha :D Thank you!

Thank you very much! It does get easier with time haha

Mmm you're right. Good points! Thank you for playing!

Haha right! D  Thank you very much!

What! That's very nice! Haha I'm glad you had fun :D

Thank you very much! I'm really happy you got to the end!

Ooh because it's not +1dragon breath, it's +1 order token!
Thank you for playing! I'm just catching up and fixing bugs now, preparing what needs to be  changed for the full game

Haha thanks :D

Ah glad you liked it! Thank you, I hope it won't disappoint!

Hmm right, I think today's update should make it a  bit tougher and fix some issues. Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much! And you did very well! 180 is a good score

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Well done! Thank you very much :D

Whelp, can't believe how far we've  come. :o

Something's fishy, can't put my finger on it 'tho...

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh that's fast! Glad you liked it!

Why is this so cute?! That's the real mystery!

The best thing to happen in car games since the invention of combustion engines!

Gets hard on lvl 4 :o

Thank you!

aw thanks!

Sorry I'm so late, myl ife's a bit of a mess haha!

Yeah, that's exactly the thing I was going for, a little metaphor how difficult it is and stressful. You don't sound insane, aActually the last stage is impossible. Second to last is very difficult but possible!

I hope you don't stay mad :( 

But thank you for playing!

thank you very much! I'm glad you had fun!

I never knew I wanted to be a merchant!

I like how it's basically a thought out DnD scenario with quite a few different ways to go about doing things. Fallen London is strong here! But it's fine!

It's fun! I like this, please make more! You got a knack for writing!

And whoops I managed to get myself stuck, with no options to choose! Paragraph -

In certain sections of the market displays of tinware and roasted chestnuts serve as a cover for a more illicit trade. Here, those in the know can acquire all manner of powerful relics.

Hey it's really good! 

Great job! :D

Yeah, I'm satisfied! Maybe put it in the FAQ, "if centering and aligning to Middle Center causes the text to dance, add a small 0.01 base offset Y".

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It works, thank you! I was worried if it would still work on wavy text but it's fine.

Edge case : Anchoring it at Middle Center causes a weird thing. Every other line moves up and down trying to adjust offsets on every rebuild.

This is how it looks inside the editor when selected:

Rect transform is anchored at top left, integer positions, width 521, height 73 - constantly changes to 74,73,74,....

Inside the Super Text Mesh component the text is Anchored at Middle Center, and it's Centered. A quick fix I've found is setting the Base Offset y to 0.1, then Rect transform height changes to 72.9999 and the dancing stops.

Or just setting the Rect transform to also be Centered.

Oh wow! Yeah that almost solves the problem, it's not perfect because it only works on the first line. Other lines still have positions like 198.5. Tried rounding every vert[i] - that's a mess, but made me think if I could apply different offsets for different lines that would fix everything. But I'm not sure how I'd get the first position of a new line.

Okay thank you!