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Don't worry, I'll fix this pretty soon! :D

Thank you!

Thank you :D

Thank you very much! I remember your help. It's going to be an interesting time!

Oh neophyte is a much newer game (2022) than this prototype (2020). It's just easy to create similar looking gold titles :D

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Made it myself! But everything small is Hightower font.

Well you earn coins for every battle! Later on also for rescuing civilians. And you can reset the game when you press SpaceBar or pause the game during any battle. There's a button that says "Clear Save Data"!

I hope so! Honestly all I need is a week to port it. I'll probably do that in April! Right now Winter Falling has all my time.

Sure! :D
It's here:

Yup, it's public, it's just a community discord, and I'm sharing development updates there and gathering ideas and feedback !
I'm pretty sure anyone above 700 cheated :(

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Hello! Thank you for all the kind comments!

  Very surprising to see it's the same person in different places! Thank you, you made my day.

  You're right, it's an easy choice. One is an easy way out, but you miss out on everything and learn nothing. Time's wasted.

  The other one is doomed. It's an interesting experience that's going to end badly no matter what. There is no victory, no dragons to slay in the end, just trading your safety and well-being for an interesting experience.

  Apt summary of real-life adventuring. That's how I saw it after my hitchhiking journeys. Then I wound up at Kinsale.

Thank you! Well done on that score, impressive!

Wow! Great job! I think there is one person on the discord community with a better score. But it's really mostly about luck at that level.

That's very good! Thanks for playing to the end!

Haha nice! Well done anyway! Most people struggle with the first battles :D

That's the best strategy! Although there are a couple ways to win!

Thank you! Great feedback!

Sure, absolutely!

I see what you mean! There is this extra abstraction step :(

Haha nice! Well done!

Oops probably!

Each faction gets their own starting level with their troops. If any of them is missing a banner after that level, that means I forgot haha

Thank you! Glad you had fun.

Thank you very much! :D

Is good, my friend!

Oh no it's just a couple of pre-defined levels! Thank you!

oh that's a nice idea! I'll keep it around

Mhm you're right, it is a bit restrictive... Thanks for playing!

Oh that's so nice to hear! Thank you very much! Hmm I don't know why it freeze,s I'll have to figure it out. Thanks a lot, I hope it won't disappoint!

Oh these are good points! Thank you very much! I'm really happy you had a fun time!

Great ideas! I'm adding them to the pool. I'm working really hard on the design to make it a fun experience, so every idea helps. Thank you very much!

Hey! Most likely it will get its own page. It might be a bad decision, but I'd like to keep this version for posterity. 

Haha :D Thank you!

Thank you very much! It does get easier with time haha

Mmm you're right. Good points! Thank you for playing!

Haha right! D  Thank you very much!

What! That's very nice! Haha I'm glad you had fun :D

Thank you very much! I'm really happy you got to the end!

Ooh because it's not +1dragon breath, it's +1 order token!
Thank you for playing! I'm just catching up and fixing bugs now, preparing what needs to be  changed for the full game

Haha thanks :D

Ah glad you liked it! Thank you, I hope it won't disappoint!