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oh no :(

it's probably just your browser, it's blocking flash, easiest way to fix that is to open this page in Firefox. Sorry for the trouble, I'll do something about this!

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Thank you so much! :D I'm so happy you managed to finish the game at all, I was worried it was too difficult! :o

And thank you for the other message, I got it, it really cheered me up :)

PS. great thumbnail :D

I'm super happy you like it! Thank you! :)

Hello everyone!

For Valentine's Day I decided to make a short playable vignette from my life to make everyone feel good!

It's a puzzle game and it has a story! :D


Hey thank you very much! :) I'm happy you had a fun time!

Haha then my game did its job! Good luck on your next games!

I know I played it on newgrounds!

Hey man! Love the art style here! I'll say something that probably nobody has said before and what is the main reason this game is fun - good graphic design.

Violent game, dominantly red, supporting colour black associated with negative emotions. It's a really nice touch to combine to make the graphic theme match the game theme and one that many game makers never think about. Good job!

Why no web version tho?

hahaha oh I can't watch this! :<


I'm really happy you like it! :D

oh my... thank you for these awesome words, I really needed them!

I'll keep this all in mind, thank you, you've really made my day! I'll keep going!

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Hey that's a really cool idea for a game! Nice mix. Cool art. I'm waiting for more. Good job! :D

thanks a lot :D

Hey everyone! :D

I just made a small story game to celebrate New Year's. It's purely a hobby project I really wanted to make. Something nice and sweet. So tha's why it's a first date sim. :)