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i didnt feel like it :P

I liked it. However, there were some bugs. Whenever it switched from being top down to being sideways I had to quit and open it again. Also I have a quick question - what happens if you pick the door that goes back in the long hallways and what happens if you manage to pick the door that has a key to go with it?

i tried it on chrome and it was a black screen too

ok thx



i was looking for them

and i was confused why there weren't any

it wont go past where theres a speech bubble with 2 stars in it near the start

i love it

not too hard

not too easy

makes you think a bit

good ending

love the voice

have a sequel?


yay love it

some suggestions

make it so u wont do the same bill twice

an end

other than being impeached


i love it

absolutely love it

im not going to tell u my high score though

so u dont feel bad

ur welcome ;)

I glitched into the wall.

Pretty good.

Music is annoying after a while.

Map covers up enemies.

the last ones not impossible

i beat it

i used a touchscreen

or u can just use a touchscreen

i did

used a touchscreen

and the same thing happened

except he doesnt burp at the penguins question

he just says um uh...

and the end says didnt die alone on the top right

so idk

When you die it says "Exception thrown, see JavaScript console".

amazing game

can you explore after you beat it?





0 hp?


now i know that the 10 hours of my life i used was worth it

ps i didnt cheat or do sandbox

i actually did it

can you add pause button and have settings after you start the game

also add a thing to help with forge recipes

and spikes face the wrong way (they point the flat side towards the enemy)