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The only couple of times people have seen it and mentioned it to me thought it was funny.  Honestly, I forgot you could get that ending, since it's been there since I started the project, and you have to make poor choices to get it.   It'll be changed eventually though, cause it was just a placeholder while I was learning how to code things, and I didn't know what to do there (maybe it's how Richard's route is triggered).

This isn't an RP game.  If you want to experience other characters, just play their routes.  I was bad about character interaction in the early days, but I've improved that in later days and will rewrite stuff later to better improve that.

And your comment about graphics makes no sense.

Ok , sooo... why dont you give me a way to contact you the? I can share the screen shots i have and you can look at them. im not trying to give you a hard time . i was, admittedly, irritated at the time of the comment. but i DO want to help if you really need it. and i REALLY thing you need to see the screenshots i have here.

Then post some of images here, and I'll delete the post after I've checked it out.

Deleted post
Deleted post

Thanks!  I'm deleting the posts now.  It took all over 30 seconds to delete the code that made those faces appear.

ok np <3 the others i havent shared because im assuming that itll be fixed in the update. but if not, ill be sure to lyk dyne <3

Thats only two, i have others, but these two were the most concerning to me i suppose...