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Why are there so many comments pushing for the game to literally be scrapped and completely rewritten? editing the story so "everyone is happy" will force the rest of the stories to be changed too. if dyne dose make a Richard route, i really think that it will be hard enough for him to make that, never mind him trying to intertwine everyone else into it. lets all calm TF down and let him work out this richer idea first, THEN let him take ideas IF and only if he chooses to.remember that if your playing the demo and are unable to pay him anything, he owes yall nothing. and even if you donate what you can, coding isnt easy, nor is writing scores of text. if we really support him we really need to empathize with him, not demand he do more... js :/

alright, again, i just wanted to make sure. fan art of this project is EVERYWHERE so if it wasnt i was going to be a bit concerned for your sanity lmao.

Ah, that makes since. alrighty, just wanted to be sure. thank you.

sooo um... Dyne states that he dosnt want anyone ever using his characters in any art,

"Nobody has permission to use art assets from my projects for anything (fan-made or otherwise).  This is all content meant for nothing other than their intended projects."

would that mean that hed like for us to report any art using them? ive seen a lot tbh :/

ok np <3 the others i havent shared because im assuming that itll be fixed in the update. but if not, ill be sure to lyk dyne <3

Thats only two, i have others, but these two were the most concerning to me i suppose... 

Ok , sooo... why dont you give me a way to contact you the? I can share the screen shots i have and you can look at them. im not trying to give you a hard time . i was, admittedly, irritated at the time of the comment. but i DO want to help if you really need it. and i REALLY thing you need to see the screenshots i have here.

ive noticed that i had to unzip the file and then find the launcher in the file, adding it to allowed apps. it may be seen as an APK install to your phone so be sure that the launcher is allowed to do that. it should be under downloads.

why cant i bonce from character to character?? i wan to be able to date Spencer, but still be able to build a friendship with darius!! i tried to interact with darius initially , then talk to Spence after and the initial dream i normally see was blank, and the MC thought "well, nobody likes me, i should try again and make better choices."

first off, not cool, i already hate myself, and i really relate to the MC so that wasn't ok dyne, Second, its not fun if i cant rp and interact with everyone ( this is basically an rp game so i dont understand how that wasn't in the beta tbh, like, lmao really??

lastly i really wish i could pay , the graphics in this latest download are god awful, ive taken screenshots because i have high droughts you meant for these things to occur, but im sure ill just be shooed away because, well heh, who am i to try and help? lol

just a few things that REALLY bothered me. i hope there fixed soon, again its obnoxious and really, unprofessional