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I just played and completed Jank 'N' Pon the other day. l enjoyed the time I did spend on the game, looking at the animations and love put into this short demo. For working on this in 4 months as students is quite impressive, for what was displayed. The controls felt tight and the humor made me smile a few times throughout playing.

If there was anything I would say I would like added it would probably be other dangerous obstacles or enemies. It was pretty easy to complete, but I am thinking you're still experimenting with other gameplay mechanics.

I have a question, I noticed there was an attack button in the game, did you originally have plans to add things to break in the demo? Other than that I hope you will continue this in the future, it gave me that Rayman Legends vibe!

Here is a video of my thoughts on the game!

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Thanks Omni ND !

Because I'm not the administrator of the page, I didn't catch your message before... Sorry for the delay!

Yes, we definitively wanted to do an easy game. But if one day we decide to continue the project, we will add some enemies, more difficulty, access to the party, etc... among other things, yes! ;)

Well... The "attack" action was actually a search action (to find the cactus in hiding places). But as you noticed, this wasn't the ideal animation... ^^

Have fun, bye