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Hey there! I was happy to take some time out to play the demo after taking a look at your Kickstarter page. So, far I find that there is much potential in the game, especially for an early concept. Out of all of the weapons, I found that the staff was my favorite to use, when getting the electric upgrade, it felt really fun having the lightning arc across my foes! 

I am curious to see how features will develop and what music will be implemented! The sub weapons felt like they were really powerful, maybe a bit too much with how much you can throw them out! The rest of my thoughts can be found in the video. Keep up the wonderful work. 

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I just played and completed Jank 'N' Pon the other day. l enjoyed the time I did spend on the game, looking at the animations and love put into this short demo. For working on this in 4 months as students is quite impressive, for what was displayed. The controls felt tight and the humor made me smile a few times throughout playing.

If there was anything I would say I would like added it would probably be other dangerous obstacles or enemies. It was pretty easy to complete, but I am thinking you're still experimenting with other gameplay mechanics.

I have a question, I noticed there was an attack button in the game, did you originally have plans to add things to break in the demo? Other than that I hope you will continue this in the future, it gave me that Rayman Legends vibe!

Here is a video of my thoughts on the game!