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Thanks Omni ND !

Because I'm not the administrator of the page, I didn't catch your message before... Sorry for the delay!

Yes, we definitively wanted to do an easy game. But if one day we decide to continue the project, we will add some enemies, more difficulty, access to the party, etc... among other things, yes! ;)

Well... The "attack" action was actually a search action (to find the cactus in hiding places). But as you noticed, this wasn't the ideal animation... ^^

Have fun, bye

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game! :)

Hi! It's a pity... I'm sorry you are meeting some troubles for playing... But I don't know where it's coming from, I can't help you =/
Maybe try with an other computer? (If you can...)

Hi! I'm sorry you are meeting some troubles for playing... At first glance it should work for windows 7. (But not sure...) Can you try with an other computer?

Thanks a lot ! :)

Hi Darshao! :) You just have to create a video on Youtube or Vimeo and then post the link here!

Have fun

Wow :D Thanks!! We're glad to see you like Jank'n'Pon. Even if no new release is planned at the moment for this demo (maybe for later, who knows ?), a totally different game is on the way for may 2017...

Keep in touch! Have fun ;)

Thanks for playing !!
You were really close... Try a look on your map! (B) It could help... :) (even if the logo of Jank isn't at the right place, sorry for that).