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Hi Thomas! Thank you so much for the detailed feedback, I'll try to do my best to cover every point.

1.) Sliders in Wobble can't be slided back to 0 manually - just to 0.01 / -0.01 - very annoying

As you said, you can already do this with middle and right mouse click, but you are right that It's only mentioned in the patch notes, we should make it more clear somewhere. Adding the small box with the arrows might be tricky, as there's no much space and a tiny box like in the example you send wouldn't work, as some values are triple digits. We will consider it and see what can be done though.

2.) FPS setting

As a non-animator I didn't think about this, and it can be easily done, thanks!

3.) Sinus

I'm not 100% sure, but isn't this the "Wave" function in the "Timed" tab?

4) Turnarounds.
This is something that has been in the roadmap from the beginning but other things were prioritized, it should come out soon :)

And I think that's all, thanks again for the support and have a nice day :)