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as in most cases the limiting factor here would probably be that the integrated chipset doesn't have the hardware to support the use of newer protocols

Just to clarify, Linux and Mac drivers for that specific chipset advertise 3.3 support, and I've previously had the game running on a HD3000 chipset on Linux with the GLES3 renderer in the past. It's possible that there are unimplemented 3.3 features, but I don't recall seeing any rendering bugs, so any would most likely be features that Hive Time isn't using, though driver developers seemed to think otherwise when 3.3 support was enabled. Apple maintain and distribute graphics drivers themselves (although don't have a history of providing particularly good or timely OpenGL support), and Intel graphics drivers for Linux are open source and community maintained. That allows driver development to continue beyond Intel's internal driver development lifecycle.

The nice thing about drivers is that although generally not as fast as what embedded firmware can do, the abstraction makes it easier to do things like this where additional APIs are exposed to ask hardware to do stuff that it's capable of but previously wasn't doing and/or to supplement behaviour in software.

Sorry for the delay in responding- covid again- I'm not supposed 2 get the vax cause of other medical issues I have but I'm seriously considering geting it anyway & just not tellin my doc cause gettin sick this bad every 6 mo or so this is'nt even for the birds (or bees).

Anyway, maybe there was some misunderstanding / miscommunication between us. I was under the assunmption you were using Vulkan as a wrapper & parsing openGL3.3 through it, that's why I made the comment about it being a hardware issue because the absolute minimum requirement to run vulkan is a GPU from @ least 2016 or newer because the mninimum requirements for the physical hardware pipelines don't exist in a GPU from Feb 2011 & regardles of how new the drivers are they can't aid in that issue.

<It's like having a car that someone tells you you should shift into 5th gear but the model you own doesn't have the gears in the transmission to go above 4th.>

That being said It's been a few years since I used vulkan (2018) so there may be some backwards compatibility improvements since I did (I used to have PC business, a dedicated gaming rig & server etc but lost it all- if u care to know why u can contact me here: & although it's somewhat relevant it doesnt belong in this thread anyway.)

However if your not using Vulkan & are only using Opengl3.3 sorry I misunderstood. Even if that's the case it takes intel forever to fully support anything in the graphics space- On their older series of cards even when the physical chip had the hardware for the newer graphics capabilities they had a tendancvy to leave all the work in writing the drivers or support up to the PC manufacterers instead- it wasn't until years after HP, Compaq, ASUS, etc added comparable support that intel finally updated their drivers.

Yeah, Hive Time uses Godot 3.4, which has GLES 3 and GLES 2 renderers. Godot's Vulkan renderer is only available in 4.x (which is still pre-release at this time). Vulkan's not a part of the puzzle so far as Hive Time is concerned.

I am truly sorry to hear that the shape of the world at the moment is forcing you to consider ignoring medical advice. It is very distressing that the broad "solution" from humanity at large has been to hang the elderly, the immunocompromised, and others at extreme risk out to dry. You don't deserve to be in the position you're in. I hope that you feel better soon and can find a relatively safe path ahead.