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Came here from ThioJoe's YT channel- never knew this existed, I've been in IT for decades, am an avid gamer & I can't recall ever seeing a game in PDF format before.(packaging a autoloading ver of sumatra with it is also a really nice touch) Now we just need to see if you can make it run DOOM lol. I think you'd have 2 world firsts then...

Looks like it'll be fun to play. For some reason this reminded me of when I got contacted by the creator of RPG Maker '95 out of the blue because I had used nothing but items triggering each other through local switches to give a skill to a character they could use in battle if they were holding the item. Transferring the item to another character removed it from the one that originally had it & instead worked for the new character. He told me what I had posted was impossible- (the engine only had local switches, no global ones, & didn't have any variables at all. No local, no global, not even preset addressable ones.) So I sent him the game file. He apologized for being wrong publicly, & played what I had of the game & liked it. 5 other friends of mine & I were working on it, but about 4 month's later my friends sister's friend got a boot sector virus that killed the HD. And back then I didn't know how to repair something like that like I do now. Our game was almost 700MB, <mostly because of custom music in huge .wav file format<the engine didn't allow MP3 until I think RPG Maker XP or VX? Anyway, like idiots we didn't have backups & although we were saving up for a CD/RW burner it was about $350.00. We were still in school & weren't old enough to work part time yet, & odd jobs didn't make enough.

Anyhow, cool project. Keep up with that kind of creativity & critical thinking & I fully expect you to do something else completely unique & interesting. I appreciate the time & effort this must have taken- well done, & good luck with your future endeavors.

Sorry for the delay in responding- covid again- I'm not supposed 2 get the vax cause of other medical issues I have but I'm seriously considering geting it anyway & just not tellin my doc cause gettin sick this bad every 6 mo or so this is'nt even for the birds (or bees).

Anyway, maybe there was some misunderstanding / miscommunication between us. I was under the assunmption you were using Vulkan as a wrapper & parsing openGL3.3 through it, that's why I made the comment about it being a hardware issue because the absolute minimum requirement to run vulkan is a GPU from @ least 2016 or newer because the mninimum requirements for the physical hardware pipelines don't exist in a GPU from Feb 2011 & regardles of how new the drivers are they can't aid in that issue.

<It's like having a car that someone tells you you should shift into 5th gear but the model you own doesn't have the gears in the transmission to go above 4th.>

That being said It's been a few years since I used vulkan (2018) so there may be some backwards compatibility improvements since I did (I used to have PC business, a dedicated gaming rig & server etc but lost it all- if u care to know why u can contact me here: & although it's somewhat relevant it doesnt belong in this thread anyway.)

However if your not using Vulkan & are only using Opengl3.3 sorry I misunderstood. Even if that's the case it takes intel forever to fully support anything in the graphics space- On their older series of cards even when the physical chip had the hardware for the newer graphics capabilities they had a tendancvy to leave all the work in writing the drivers or support up to the PC manufacterers instead- it wasn't until years after HP, Compaq, ASUS, etc added comparable support that intel finally updated their drivers.

In regards to your comment,

"Godot's GLES3 renderer requires OpenGL 3.3 apparently, and it looks like the HD 3000 chipset only supports 3.0 on Windows (it's 3.3 if you're on Linux or MacOS \o/ )." Being that I specialize more in hardware than software; even if I was using Linux or Mac, it's unlikely that it would run with OpenGL 3.3 anyway- as in most cases the limiting factor here would probably be that the integrated chipset doesn't have the hardware to support the use of newer protocols. For instance I know of a few lighting/shader issues it has. Just like in general most pre 2016 graphics cards have no support for vulkan. Only manufacturers that attempted to future-proof them were able to give them added functionality via v-bios updates because the underlying architecture was already there. Regardless I'm grateful for the help, & wish you the best!

I have tried to run it from a Std directory, as well as a ramdrive <which is how I run pretty much any game that will fit.> Both had the same error.

All the logs had the exact same 1-line error before stopping without logging any further data, so I only sent the latest one, & the screenshot of the error msg itself from the game.

I also thought I'd mention that this laptop has the latest 2015 intel drivers; not the 2012 ver. like the older laptop that ran it fine did.

I thought Id leave some relevant device info here

OS: Win 7 Home Premium SP1 (64-Bit)

Make: ASUS 

APU: Intel i5-2450(Mobile) @2.50GHz

RAM: 8 GB (7.78 usable)

It is definitely the GLES 3 renderer,

However; I tried with the GLES 2 fallback & it does let the game run again, so thanks for that- I'm also including the working log for the (GLES2 Fallback) in a seperate file just in case. <oh it did run fron the ramdrive w/ the fallback, hence the Drive:L in the log>

The bees are angry no more ;) ...


Godot Engine v3.2.2.stable.official -

**ERROR**: Error initializing GLAD

  At: drivers/gles3/rasterizer_gles3.cpp:141:is_viable() - Error initializing GLAD

<So the GLAD rasterizer isn't initializing properly.>


hive-time_2023-01-02_05.33.06.log (GLES 2 Fallback)

Godot Engine v3.4.4.stable.official.419e713a2 -

OpenGL ES 2.0 Renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000

OpenGL ES Batching: ON

WARNING: Cannot allocate back framebuffer for MSAA

   at: _render_target_allocate (drivers/gles2/rasterizer_storage_gles2.cpp:5141) - Cannot allocate back framebuffer for MSAA

ERROR: MSAA not supported on this hardware.

   at: render_target_set_msaa (drivers/gles2/rasterizer_storage_gles2.cpp:5700) - MSAA not supported on this hardware.

Setting up population menu

Loading external resources

Loaded 218 vignettes

Loaded 10 Queen portraits

Done loading external resources

Using random queen name

New queen name is Evelyn

Queen actions: 9

Queen idles: 5

Unable to open blacklist file user://chat_blacklist.json for reading (this isn't necessarily bad - it's OK to not exist)

Unable to open chat user whitelist file user://chat_whitelist.json for reading (this isn't necessarily bad - it's OK to not exist)

Unable to load user config. Using defaults.

Checking settings file version


Found old settings file.

Game version: v1.2-119-g6b17df04

Running on Windows

Loading fonts from L:/Hive Time Version v1.2-119-g6b17df04 Win/fonts

Loaded HUD font as [DynamicFontData:4933]

Loaded misc font as [DynamicFontData:4934]

Loaded bold misc font as [DynamicFontData:4935]

Loaded chat font as [DynamicFontData:4936]

Loaded CKJ fallback font as [DynamicFontData:4937]

Loaded emoji fallback font as [DynamicFontData:4938]

Reminder status 0

Setting up menu bees?

Resetting to defaults.

Setting action list

Unable to load user config.

No custom bindings defined.

Making custom music folder since it doesn't already exist

Making custom music folder since it doesn't already exist

Toggling debug stuff False

Updating chat bee life mode to 1

Quitting chat

Updating chat status disconnected False

Done loading settings

Setting up menu music

Done setting up menu music

[User-Agent: HiveTime/v1.2-119-g6b17df04 (Godot)]

Current version: v1.2-119-g6b17df04, Latest version: v1.2-129-g74dbb915

Currently running version is not latest patch.


ERROR: MSAA not supported on this hardware.

   at: render_target_set_msaa (drivers/gles2/rasterizer_storage_gles2.cpp:5700) - MSAA not supported on this hardware.




Just to be clear I wasn't actually asking for your help with resolving the issue I was having & I know something like this is better suited to a tech forum etc.

I just thought it was something you might want to know given that yours was the only game that gave me an error like that. I originally played the game on an old laptop (manufactured in 2006) w/ an intel Celeron CPU & Family 4 Graphics chipset (integrated)  & had no issues getting it to run. But on my much newer laptop (Manufactured in 2017) Intel i5 w/ Intel HD-3000 Graphics (integrated). <the msg basicly told me I needed to get a new vid card & I already have the newest drivers intel released in 2015.>

I have experiance in various game engines etc, so the only ideas that made sense to me is maybe the use of Vulcan in place of older versions of Open GL is causing the issue. I do know that older support for Open GL 2.2 & below <non-vulcan> hasn't been added into Godot 3.4 yet. Considering formal adoption for Vulcan was in 2016 by AMD/Nvidia & this graphics chipset came out in 2011- but it claims to support up to DirectX 11.1.

 I can run other games that do use vulcan as a backend & things like like the Gadot engine, so maybe it doesn't support the specific version your game uses, or maybe your game is having issues trying to  detect what features the graphics card is actually able to use. For instance I can run games like factorio, autonauts & Autonauts-A-vs-PB, Terratech, Subnautica, & Subnautica below zero flawlessly- the only other kind of issue i've ever had was with certain assets showing up either all white, or all black & that was in only 2 games- Astroneer & Dyson Sphere Project. I deal in IT daily, so I will either fix the problem or migrate to something that will- like the Ryzen 5 I'm repairing.

Anyways, I appreciate you reaching reaching out, despite you not having to & hope you have good luck in your endeavors.

Hope your eye/s heal perfectly. Honestly about a yr & a half ago I never knew this stuff existed; my first intro was Corrupted Kingdoms. It has a ton of great & original story-line. I like how choices you make change the story & how people can perceive / react to you afterwards. It's animation is smoother but more sparce & feels both less polished & less epic during those important moments... It's got fantastic humor/ one liners- (I think my favorite is when Morrigan tells Pixie that Google is a giant spider that catches & eats Internet Explorers in it's chrome web & once even ate the legendary Firefox during a Safari lol.) That said, it doesn't have as in-depth character development for the non-main characters & somewhat less interaction. However yours has loads of little niceties like buying / selling / fishing / mining & it's not just for a cash grab or the grind either. So just like with that game it's obvious that you put your soul into it- take all the time you need! 'Cause even if i croak before you finish It'll have been worth it for the time & experience you took the time to create. In the meantime; I'll listen to Ironmouse sing, & get lost in another beautiful fantasy world...