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Zekfree432, depending on what AV you are using, you can either create a folder that you remove the AV's access to. (For example, I set my AV to ignore "" C:\Users\...\Desktop\Quarantine "" | By doing so I can DL the .zip, extract it inside said folder, and execute from there.

If you're not savvy enough, or you have trash AV like Norton/Avast, I would suggest disabling the AV, DLing the zip, extract, launch executable, then turn AV on if you feel it is necessary.

(In all honesty, if you use Avast/Norton, you're better off removing it from your system, as they are Malware in themselves)

If I see your response about a specific AV that you use, I can try to provide a step-by-step guide to create a folder that would be excluded from AV scans.

Ok let me load my computer back up. I'll let you know then.

Do you have a good tip on an AV I can use?

I recommend bitdefender. I personally use it. There's a really good free version, and a paid version.