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Ok, now, after a big bunch of tries i know how to pass everything... EXCEPTING THAT FKING CRYSTAL BOX OF THE END... So, lets relax, I've enjoyed a lot your game so, can you give me a clue please?.... I wont be able to sleep if i dont finish this game!

Please be kind ;D

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The cage of glass can be solve by:

1) Using the knife or the key to scratch the glass.
2) After scratching the glass, Kick the glass.

If you don't have the knife or the key, then evaluate the places were you already used them, maybe there are different ways to solve those situations? There is a path that will work for every game. The order of encounters is random, but every player always sees the same set of encounters therefore the game is always solvable with the right choices.

ok, thanks :D

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I  was stuck in the same problem and actually tried the knife, and kicking. Just not in that order I guess. Well I used attempts to "Break glass with knife" and such. Not CUT. You can't CUT glass even with a knife, but I thought about smashing the grip into it... :) Anyway, love the game. I ended up at the big tree with STEAK now ... dang.