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I  was stuck in the same problem and actually tried the knife, and kicking. Just not in that order I guess. Well I used attempts to "Break glass with knife" and such. Not CUT. You can't CUT glass even with a knife, but I thought about smashing the grip into it... :) Anyway, love the game. I ended up at the big tree with STEAK now ... dang.

Eatvolve community · Created a new topic Wrong tag?

Why is this tagged as a C64 game? O_O It pops up when I sort by platform tag Commodore 64.

What a wonderful game! Thank you so much for making this, and for sharing this! It's really beautiful!

I guess now that Gronkh is playing this, this is going through da ROOFz! :D

There is probably nothing really of value that I can share with you about that. It's been ages since I was involved, and I was more or less just a permanent resident in the freecraft irc channel. I haven't heard about any updates from Stratagus in forever. Some other games branched off the Stratagus engine, but I have never heard from them either, so they're not exactly breaking news. 

I was pretty much gone when the name change to Statagus occured.

I'm not sure I remember you, but I was with the FreeCraft project for quite a while. Do I know you from that time? I loved the project and I was devastated when things go heated.

I finished it, and I am so in love! Thank you so much for making it, thanks to everybody involved! I can only hope to encourage you to make this the longer story would have in  mind for it! <3

Same here! It's a dream come true to be able to play this! :D Word needs to get out that this exists, more. 

Spoiler: For some reason, when I used the scissors to get the rope off from Edna, it was then already tied to the first bit of rope, on the lever without me ever attempting that (I was gonna do it, but still)... :)

I'm absolutely loving this! Thanks so much for making this wonderful game! Even though I wish the verb interface was back, but that's alright -- I'm just as used to playing adventures that do the left and right clicky clicky interface. :) And the low-res modes, I'm not sure why they're in the options, because if it's for retro purposes, they look nothing like 320x200 mode in DOS. 

But these are nitpicks, I really think this is fantastic!

And boy this is funny! I've laughed so much already! Part of me wanted to start playing it as a Sam and Max adventure as soon as these two suddenly appeared! Personally I prefer the german dub over the english, but both are really well made! <3 Love to you, everyone of you! I'll play this all the way through soon!

Even though I think Catboy looks more like a bush baby than a tomcat at the moment, I love the artstyle. Also, Trunx, don't I know you from the Portablegaming Forum? :) So cool to see you around! I hope the game is a strong success!

Aeh ... kenn ich dich noch vom Portablegaming Forum?