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Wow, this is exactly like AUF ACHSE, the old board game that I used to love and play as a kid! Sweet work!

Meow! This is a happy surprise! Thank you so much for making this amazing game! The first one already blew the minds of us, and it sure did blow the mind of the Commodore 64, too :3.

Wow, these are so amazing! I wished I could give you a time machine and give them a place in 90s gaming history in the 90s, but today the sun will shine as brightly! :3

YahOooOOOoo~ it's out! <3 

Getting a bit of an Ultima 7 or DreamWeb kinda vibe. :3 I gotta try this!

This is a very cool game! I only just started and got the first keycard, and into the rooms where music changes for the first time, but I can already say, this is incredibly fun and playable! <3 Thank you!

What a great age to live in! :3 Thank you!

Would you also make a C64 version with isometric graphics like this? :3

This looks cool! Love story driven games!

Is playing it in the browser, currently the only way to play it, there, or am I overlooking a link to download it for putting it on my C64?

Maybe later it'll be like Joystick -> Direction, like in BI, not sure. That was also the first thing I was confused about. :3 But nevermind the controls. Too much fun!

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This is just screaming for it, because there is nothing like this on the C64. Absolutely nothing. And to have such a good one, coming from you now, is breathtaking to me! I'd love any kind of expansion or player made maps, yes. The very first thing I would probably suggest is, using graphics tiles for everything, nothing super fancy, just so it's a bit more easy to read. No idea what cut scenes you were having in mind. Multiplayer is a biggie. I'll drumroll for this! I'd get this boxed. I'd love a floppy version too! It doesn't have to be a one-loader ... being able to save and load maps could open up a kingdom for map making.

The city idea I was thinking of, is taken from Famicom Wars/Advance Wars, I'll admit. But generally -- buildings with a function, or other stationary objects, airport, seaport, ships, subs, ah don't mind me ... Sorry to throw so much at you all at once. I'm just so happy! Lots of love!

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Finally! I have been hoping for something like this for years and years and years! Fun,  accessible strategy on the C64! Sometlike like Battle Isle or Advance Wars! ANYTHING ....

While I still wished there were roads and forest/mountain terrain types (more visible, not only colour representations), or a map editor, this is so damn perfect! :3 Maybe cities to take over, like in Advance wars? A factory or a depot like in Battle Isle?

I am like, begging for more, aren't I. :3 I hope this will be expanded upon in some way! You're awesome! After all these years, finally strategy warfare on the C64, that is the proper thing! :3

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With both of these 3D PETSCII engines you can creat such amazing Dungeon Crawler experiences -- it'd be a bit of a crrRRRrrying shame (roll that R!) not to make them into bigger, badder, better badass dungeon explorer games! :3 Think big! Think Eye of the PETSIIHOLDER! :) Think PETSCII MASTER! Think Lands of PETSCII! Think! :D

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Absolutely amazing. It's so cool that we're getting story driven games of that kind of beauty and epicness for our beloved old home computers! After recently enjoying Briley Witch Chronicles, and now this,  I can't put into words how delighted I am! Most games for the old machines have always been platformers or shooting games, and therefore I celebrate this release ten times as much, even for just being a story based roleplaying game! And while I still hopefully await a good strategy title like, (8 Bit Battle Isle or Advance Wars/Famicom wars, the hope never dies--) this is so goood, too!! :3

Yeah I'm planning on buying the physical release as well! :3

I am absolutely smitten by what fits into what 4k ?!?! What?? That's like, a complete game there! I was playing this for half an hour straight! You could do so much with 4k -- I wonder what you could do if you made something like a bigger version of this game! Holy cow!

Holy cow, that has to be one of the coolest things I have seen on the C64! I would just adore a full fledged dungeon crawler based on this. With items, puzzles, weapons, stats, doors, keys, ... doesn't even need to have a real story. I adore that minimalist approach that doesn't look minimalist, really. :3 How some colours, screen shakes can create such effects is very cool! :3

This is, basically, the stuff of dreams of old, and new, and I would like to spend endless nights exploring. :3

:3 Hey! I'm loving this game to bits! Just about the only things I wish were in there too, is line-of-sight exploration. Slow things down a little bit, and make it a bit more scary ;). In a good way. Or rooms being shapes other than rectangles. And bigger rooms.

Buuut, this is fun! :3 Thank you very much for the great game!

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Forever? I understand the love for a platform. I just love games that look like this one. Of which there are fairly few.

Do you think there might be other versions down the line, in a while? Amiga perhaps?

Very impressive! :3 I'm hoping that some day, someone would perhaps build a 3D based game around something like this. I'm thinking, castle master, but more playable perhaps, who knows. :) Won't even dare to dream of an actual FPS.

:3 Beautiful! I'll gift this to myself in January for my birthday. So cute! I love polar bears!

Wonderful! Beautiful and fun version of a game that always stood in the shadows of Tetris :3.

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I can't believe you did that. I really find it so amazing that this has happened, it's a breakthrough I'd never thought would come. Yes, I'm excited for this to be a game on the Commodore 64, and I shouldn't really be focusing on that, I know. I'm going to enjoy and binge through the game now! :3 You've done something so amazing! I've never dared to really say it: I was waiting for this, the most. There are so many shooting type games on the breadbin, but this? This is unique. There is, and likely never again will be, anything else like this. Unless you make a sequel, purrhaps. :3

Yes I enjoyed the shooting type games too, but I am terrible at them. And I'm a big sucker for stories, and story telling. Briley Witch is a game everyone who ever played games on the C64, should see at least once. Thank you!!

PS: I'm using a C64 Maxi, and I prefer other joysticks than the one that's supplied. That means my only way of starting the game, is to press B on the keyboard. Which means there is no Joystick available after that. I force the Maxi to default to Joystick in port 1, and that way it kind of works, but I press the menu key, and then return, the game won't let me steer down. After I activate and deactivate the TheC64 menu, it works again though, so I'm glad there's my workaround. Long story short: I'm glad it also has keyboard controls, if nothing else works. :3

I'll admit I was hoping for a more UA look, as in, rough around the edges and less elaborate architecture. But I love the rest, so so much! :3

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Absolutely beautiful game! I love it so so much! So cute! :3 Adorable!  ^^' In-game music is a super cool C64 adaptation of "Klaus Lage - Die absolute Frau". :3 Which sounds fantastic too! Maybe credit the man too. :3

Also, many thanks for supplying the TheC64 versions and Ultimate64 versions!

I'll play it from tape, no kidding, I enjoy the "slow" loading.

<3 The big poster's on my wall still! Looking forward to seeing the story all over again! I finished it ages ago (and the biiig extra adventure), I wonder if my memories and map knowledge will be any good to me in the new version! :3 

Also -- if there'll be a sequel some day, very much also looking forward to it as well. :] 

If you're going for another physical release, wow -- hope they'll do it!

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Also, will there be a version for Linux on arm? This on a Raspberry Pi would be so cool, under Raspbian. Pu tthis in PiKiss or Pi-Apps -- hundreds of players a day later.

Thank you so much for doing this much! I know that's been extra work and I apologise. I'll be able to try it this weekend, if I get some time to play :). But I'm fairly certain that this will work! I remember somebody solved the exact same issue this way before.

Maybe it's the PDF reader. I know I can't use the Invisiclues either, using PDF X-Change Viewer. The selections simply remain black on black.

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Thanks so much! I've starting playing again, and this time I'll keep drawing a map. Been wandering about for ages. Tried to look under the rock for edibles but can't roll it though. I can't fish, because I have no bait yet. Kinda stuck, but I'll keep trying. I was wondering about that Save game system, which I think is fantastic -- in theory only, sadly, because it doesn't work. On my TheC64 I always 100% get a disk drive error if I ever attempt to save and then restore a game, both in full floppy emulation mode and without. It even resets back to BASIC after. :( I wish that worked because actual save game slots? Nice! I know I can just freeze the ram but, I prefer to do it the normal way.

Anyway, I'll keep trying to get food. It feels like I'm stuck on the first screen. Uh oh.


Looks like I have to start fishing to get food, to get stronger and use the pulley. I haven't found any bait yet, but something weird happens. There is this small pool area where the tide comes and goes, and I thought, maybe I need to catch smaller fish first to get a bigger fish later. So at that place, I typed: attach net to pool. I think.

The description of the place "Narrow Strait" doesn't mention trees at all, but the game tells me that I've just crafted a hammock between two trees instead of my intention to filter the pool, or try fishing something with it. ^^' Now there's a hammock there on that Narrow Strait, and I'm not even sure if it actually is supposed to be there. Haven't tried sleeping on it yet.

I love text adventures! Can't wait to play this one! :) Thank you so much for all this work and effort to make the story! I'm going in blind!

Oh, this looks interesting. :) I'll be waiting patiently for the playable story/adventure!

Lemmings! :] With bubbles! Really cool!

I'm really tempted! :) This looks fantastic, and I am delighted that there's some storytelling in this game! And most importantly, a save game feature. I'd be playing on a TheC64, so I hope that all works well on it, too. It's basically a stock C64 emulation with somewhat spotty floppy drive support sometimes. Now this game supports more than one firebutton, and Joysticks on TheC64 typically aren't ready for this, so I'm wondering how it'll work then.

WHOA holy motherload this is amazingly beautiful! How'd you do this? How'd you that? :] I can't wait to play this!

Hey! :) Had control issues for an hour, figured out the problem was my Joystick, or related to it! :) Finally can start playing this wonderful game! Good heavens, that's a great introduction in the manual!! Great work, I love when a manual is more than "Here is how it works. ".

:) Anyway, sweet stuff, have been looking forward to this!

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Wow! Another really nice text adventure beholds! I'll be sure to get me this boxed edition in April, too! These days, all you can do is sit at home and play games, so I'll treat myself to this one! :)

PS: How did I not know about this until now? I've finished Hibernated 1 a good while ago, and with the biggest bonus game ever, in a neat box, too. 

What other adventures might there be that I should know of? :D

Thanks so much for making a brilliant puzzle game like Deflektor again! It's a real breath of fresh air to have new puzzles and challenges like this! :)

Looks like a funny game! Just started playing and even though it's *very* difficult right from the beginning, I'm just getting started. I hope I can get somewhat further as I'm bad with platformer type games, but this looked just too cute to not try! Cute pig is cute! Maybe I'm just bad with joysticks in general. :) Gonna check if it has keyboard controls, like QA/NM/Space or something. Thanks so much for making this!!