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Completeness - 3. Aesthetics - 3. Fun - 3. Innovative - 2.5. Scope - 3. Roguelike - 4.

Overall I was pretty happy to tackle this one. I'm a huge sucker for anything remotely resembling the old Ultima series.

While I'd suggest a slight modification to the input keys (ie. find a way to not use shift or ctrl) and perhaps allow a help key when you're in-game, it's a good adventure! I went through the existing comments reporting crashes, but I didn't experience any on win10. (yay!)

If you can (or want), I'd definitely urge you to keep plugging away at this work. 

Kudos for the entry, and congratulations on getting it to the successful state!


Thanks so much! I had already planned to keep going with it and your comments just make me want to do it that much more.