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onooooooooo testing mode xD Really liked the game, would be happy to see how the game would be if there wasn't infinite jumps. Also tried playing with a controller, but it seems like I couldn't do anything apart from jumping. I think it's because the moving was assigned to a stick and not a d-pad. If you don't use a stick or the d-pad maybe make it for movement? That way if somebody doesn't have a stick they could use the controller. Really like the music, and the sfx sounded retro. Has room for improvement and more content. Great work!

P.S.: Got to the end :)


Hey, glad you at least got to the end. You know it's funny, under the UI input settings in godot, it says d-pad controls added. But my d-pad only controller wouldn't work until I added the joystick input, weird.  I added both so that issue is fixed now.

Yeah I plan on doubling or tripling the size of the world, maybe adding a few more diverse areas and all around polishing it up and adding a little story. I'll send you a link when the final version is complete.