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Well, I'd like to add a stamina bar to limit the use of the 'dash' feature RPG maker has in it, but I'm not sure if anybody has done that before for this program so I might have to try and script that myself. If I do I will probably need help drawing that bar on the screen.

It's kinda funky what I'm trying to do. I want to avoid using the turn based combat system that RPG maker comes with and make it more of an adventure game with some stealth sections and a limit on the run/sprint/dash button would help facilitate that. I also want to try to make a timer for putting the media up on the wall that can be interrupted (maybe like 3/4 of a second) with a progress bar.

Lastly, (and this is going to be the most difficult thing I think) I want my Tuffguy Thugs to 'patrol' and then chase the player if they are spotted (alone, of course) for a limited distance and/or take down any antifa media they 'see.' Once they are done with either chasing the player or taking down the media they need to go back to their patrol. RPG Maker has a pretty good system for making them follow a predetermined path, but I need a way for them to 'see' to trigger them to switch to a new mode, complete a task, then switch to a third mode that puts them back on the path, and then have them follow the path and not just start over the sequence of steps from the beginning. I am pretty sure somebody has done something similar in the program I just have to find it.

It looks like the scripting is done in RUBY which seems OK to me. I have very limited experience with JS and  even less in Python but ruby seems fairly intuitive. I'm going to put on some shpongle and get to work on these other features. If anybody has any solutions, help, or even a link to a forum thread about it I'm happy to read it. Once these three things are solved I can start making the real maps and characters and such.