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I love this little story. I think I identify with G more than the protagonist, only because my sweetheart is the one who takes work trips, not me. Sometimes it feels like I'm sending messages into a void, but having this perspective that my loved one is probably also reading my messages and treasuring them is helpful. The soundtrack might be my favorite part. 

I would love an "update" or something where the protagonist gets to go home and leap into G's arms! Maybe navigating the trip home while receiving texts from G.

one last thing-

It might be a problem on my end, but when I went to watch the moon the night I received the rain email from my sweetheart, I was able to pan at first, but then things seem to have gotten stuck. I wasn't able to pan and I couldn't exit and had to refresh the page and start over.

Wow, thank you so much for your really thoughtful comment! I'm actually working on a post jam update at the moment, and giving some more closure to the story is on my list of things to address.

(Also thanks for letting me know about the bug - I'll make sure that's fixed too!)