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I love all my snail friends so much.

This is so wonderful and bittersweet.

Oh my gosh this is fantastic.

I love all my egg children so very much.

Looking at everything upside down made my brain hurt.

The colour scheme is really cute.

This is fantastic!!!

This hack is fantastic, thank you so much for making it available!!!

It's definitely going in the Bitsy I'm working on at the moment.

I love this so much.

Currently there's not a way to set conditional exits in the Bitsy editor, but you can do it using the exit from dialogue hack - https://github.com/seleb/bitsy-hacks/blob/master/dist/exit-from-dialog.js You'll need to download your game from the editor, then copy and paste the script for the hack into the game as per the instructions.

If you're not confident about adding the hack to the game yourself you might want to check out Borksy - https://ayolland.itch.io/borksy

The cat is... a fake avatar. The real avatar is hidden up in the top corner, set to the same colour as the background. Every time you 'move' as the cat, you're really exiting to a new room with the cat tile in a different place.

This is really cool!!

This is really moving.

The close up was terrifying!

Thanks for letting me know about the music! I was exporting in a hurry and forgot to trim the audio.

Your cats are delightful.

My cat has a tiny head and a huge belly too.

Such a cool project.

Poor Rosie always seems to be hungry. I can relate.

Oh wow, this is amazing <3

Whoa, the art style is super cool!

This is so sweet and cozy.

This is really charming.

When do we get to meet the person who has 26 cats?

This is fantastic!

This is super cool!!! I loved visiting all the different worlds.

This is really charming!

so colourful!

That's really nice to hear! Thank you!!!

This ending from dialogue hack is probably what you're after: https://github.com/seleb/bitsy-hacks/blob/master/dist/end-from-dialog.js

You'd need to replace your ending tile with a sprite, and activate the ending inside conditional dialogue.

If you want to do it all within Bitsy you might be able to do it with some hidden exits and duplicate rooms, but that gets fiddly very fast.

This is a really fun tool to play with!

Ahh, thank you!!!

There are a few steps. First you have to manually add colours to your palette in the game data like so (these are comma separated RGB values):

Then you can assign a different tile or sprite colour to each of your tiles, sprites or items by adding 'COL [N]' to it in the game data:

The colours are assigned using 0 based indexing, so the first colour in the palette is COL 0, the second is COL 1 etc.

I also used this transparent sprites Bitsy hack. This allowed me to layer sprites over tiles to add extra detail. So for example, in the first sunset scene the background colour is pink, the sky and sea are tiles and the sun is made up of a bunch of sprites  layered on top.

I hope this all makes sense! Feel free to ask if you need anything clarified further.

Ah that's really cool!!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

:D :D :D

Yay you caught the crab!

Wow, this is fantastic. The art is stunning.

I really enjoyed this.

As a fellow freelancer, I heavily relate to the casual work dress and money struggles.

That loading screen is really pretty, though.

Poor Kevin :(

This is really delightful. I love the way the fish-ish-ish talk.

Ahhh this is so cool!