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So many cats!

Onion this is so cute!!!

This is very much the same as my experience with the project - I was first approached only a few weeks before the deadline, had no contact from anyone organising the project after I submitted my game and had no idea what was going on, if my game was actually going to be included.

I don't think anyone organising the project went into it with malice, and certainly running a collaboration with this many people is a huge task, but the lack of communication did sour me on it.  At first I was very flattered to have been approached, but ultimately it felt like I was just included to make up numbers rather than because any of the curators had any interest in my work.

I did choose to keep my game in Meditations, but I don't disagree with anyone who didn't want to be part of it anymore.

Playing this was the best two minutes of my day.

This is really beautiful and soothing.

Oh my gosh, this is fantastic!!!

This is really lovely!!!

This is so sweet!!!

Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

You're welcome!!! I'm really glad you like it!!!



thank you!!!


Ooof, right in the feelings.

This is super well done, I like it a lot.

That ghost is horrifying, but I like this game very much. The design is fantastic!

Yes! I made it all the way to the ending.

This was really fun!

Oh wow, this is great.

This is lovely.

A park near my house recently had to cut down a tree that was old and rotten, but they've planted a new one right in the same spot.

Onion this is so sweet!!! I love everyone.

This is just stunning.

This is really well done.

I can't help with import not working but in the meantime you could try opening your HTML file in a text editor (notepad will work just fine), copying the game data and then pasting that into the game data window in the editor. This will have the same end result as importing the HTML file.

A quick walkthrough on copying game data:

Near the top of your HTML file you'll find the line "<script type="bitsyGameData" id="exportedGameData">", and underneath that will be the title of your game. You need to copy from the start of your title to just before the first "</script>" tag.

You can get to the game data window in the editor by clicking on the "tools" tab, next to where you write your game's title at the top of the screen. Delete everything that's already in there, and then paste the game data from your HTML file.

Hope this helps!

I love this so much???

The music is perfect.

This is really charming! I especially liked visiting all the rooms inside the building.

Hi! Sorry you didn't get a response sooner, but I'm really glad you were able to come up with a workaround.

If you haven't already, you might want to join the Bitsy Discord server. It's a lot more active than this forum, so you should get troubleshooting help much faster. Here's an invitation link:

This is really lovely! It was so nice to get to know the forest through all the different seasons.

Thank you!!!

That's a huge compliment, thank you!

Thank you!!!

Thank you! I wrote the music years ago, but when I saw the theme for the jam I knew I wanted to make a game to go with it!

That's okay, everyone is new at first!

You can't install hacks in the Bitsy editor. You can either download your game's HTML file and add the hack by hand, or you can use Borksy ( With Borksy, you paste in your game data and select the hacks you want to use, and it will output the game file with the hack included.

If you haven't already, you might also be interested in joining the Bitsy Talk Discord. There are plenty of folks there who will be happy to help you with the ins and outs of Bitsy. Here's an invite:

The exit from dialogue hack is definitely your friend in this instance -

You'll need to create a sprite for your door, and give it a conditional dialogue block that checks the number of items.

Onion!!! This is so gorgeous!!!

Ah this is so gorgeous! I love summer showers.

So many friends! I tried to go really fast so the sound effects would overlap each other and make fun background music.

This is super cute! I really like the mechanic of having to rotate the cursor vertical or horizontal, I haven't seen that done in this kind of matching game before so it feels really fresh.

This is so sweet!