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Your pixel art is SO GOOD my gosh.

But the cat is here!

So cute!!!

Noah I'm cackling, this is perfection.

Thank you!


Now I want some Shapes...




This is so gorgeous. I love the dual narrative weaving back and forward as you move through the game.

This is really bittersweet; it's sad but gentle.

Me too! 

Secretly, the bee who asks you for tea is a self insert character. 

Not that I know of, sorry!

Thank you!!!




Thank you!!!

Thank you! Actually I worked on this game on and off over the span of like, a year? And the colours were one of the hardest things to nail.

Thanks for the link, that's really neat!

Danger booty!

This was really fun!

I made it all the way through the performance the second time around, but I made many mistakes!

This is really nice! Seeing the colours change as you move through the game gives a really good sense of progress, and it's so nice to finish where you began and see the change you made!

I got a shock in the last room! So big!

So many good plants for bees!

The art for this is gorgeous, and I love your colour palette.

I accidentally flew into the smoke, womp womp.

This is so cozy and soothing! I really like how the colour palette gets darker as time goes on, it really feels like the day is ending.

The art for this is so good! And I love the fight sequences.


I really like the top down perspective you drew the room in, it's really engaging and draws my attention in to the space where the game is happening.

My career is in the grave.

Freya this is SO GOOD, the little comedic breaks are SO GOOD, the pacing is SO GOOD.


But also your art is great.


I LOVE the way you designed the inside of the flowers.  So many things to find!

The art in the yard is gorgeous! Also A+ title pun.

You're welcome!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!