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Is this new version laggy for anyone else? running macos 10.15.7

Hey herryfreer, 

I had a Mac user with AMD Graphics report an issue with the latest version. Particularly lag related to using pop out windows.  Does that line up with your experience? If so, I’m looking into a fix. 

If not, could you open MiniMeters, click CMD-D, and send a screenshot of the window that pops up? Thanks.

Yo yeah I'm having the same issue with the pop-out windows being laggy. But I don't have AMD Graphics I think? Not sure though I have Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536MB if thats what you mean

Alright thanks for the reply. Sorry you're running into this. If you could open MiniMeters, click CMD-D and get me a screenshot of the that screen it would help a a lot. I'm trying to figure out a way to replicate the issue here since none of my Macs are exhibiting this  behavior.

Also the 'Legacy' includes older versions that you can use in the meantime!