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Wow, this was such an amazing experience! And I've tried only one character so far!

The overall ambience of the game is great - it's so beautiful! And botht the art and music are gorgeous. I'm curious, is the music custom made or just very good choices?

As for the characters, I liked all of the ones I've interacted with, but I'm weak towarts Nikolai. He isn't really "my type", but I really like alkonosts - one of my favorite magical creatures actually. I was amazed to see one in a game honestly - they're not a very well known species. And well, somehow, I've come to like him a lot, even in such a short span. But I bet his route will be tricky - at least to get a good ending. Oh well, I do like challenges!

Also, I wanted to ask three questions, if you don't mind!

- Will you add more characters to the game?

- Are you planning on adding CGs?

- How many chapters per route for the full release?

Anyway, thanks for the great experience, and good luck with the project!

Wow, thank you so much!! 

The music is from an excellent music subscription service called Soundstripe! We'd like to replace it with custom tracks at some point, but they have been an amazing resource and I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs background music. c:

I'm so glad you like Nikolai, even though you might not have been expecting to!! :o I feel like he's not really my type either, but somehow he's my favorite too?? Maybe I just don't realize what my type is... I do think his route might be a bit tricky, but we'll see how it plays out! Good luck! <3

I love to answer questions!!

Regarding more characters: We had/have many more character designs, and we'd love to add them all. But then we would never make it to the rest of the story! So, no more for now. When we're closer to the end we're planning to reconsider based on available funding. c: 

Regarding CGs: CGs are on the way! We've already completed one for the next update. It might not be many per update initially, but we'll have Patreon goals to help speed it up.

Regarding chapters: We're planning for the game to be seven chapters long. c:

Thank you so much for playing and leaving us this awesome comment!! <3

You're welcome, and thanks for the answers! Can't wait to check out the next update when it'll come out

No problem!! I hope you'll love it!! <3