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Can you expand on what you mean by devlog-type threads? I think I understand but want to make sure before fully replying.


Same thing they do in the video game development forums, and go "Here's my project, here's where it's at, the input I want is thus-and-so, I'll update as it develops".

Basically, public design and development threads.   Which...   

Like, on the one side, those can get awful market-ing-y, for sure, especially if they keep being updated post-release, which is contrary to keeping marketing in the stickies.  

But at the same time, we seem to have a LOT of subforums for design, which suggests the expectation of a lot of threads on design for each subtype, which makes me go "Maybe project development threads up to the point of release are intended to be a thing?"

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I took a look at the video game devlogs. So here's what I would say: posting a thread asking for design feedback (with specific questions) or asking for help brainstorming, or putting forth a mechanic you're really proud of and want to discuss, etc. would definitely fit in the design forums. As the project progresses or the person implements the feedback, it seems to make sense to continue to ask questions and share in the same thread for that project.

However, a lot of the devlogs I looked at in video games were "here's my project and I'm posting updates as I go" which seems like a better fit for the devlog function built into or fell very much in the "self-promo" side of things.

I'd say it comes down to intent: is the thread seeking to have a conversation around the design, or seeking to show it off? Conversation and feedback is awesome; showing off a project is better placed in the "Share Your Projects" stickies.

Does that make sense?


Makes perfect sense - I just didn't want to go diving in and messing around while you're all still sorting "How we want things to work"; best to get the intent first, and 'set precedents', so to speak, onward from that.