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Score: 3800, Best Combo: 2

Hm, I find it very, very hard to define, but somehow, this game didn't really work out for me. I think combos are maybe a bit too hard to get (so they'd be fun), and the puzzle elements for beating enemies are way too irrelevant. Maybe environmental kills should be rewarded more.

I think I'm having overall a hard time with the pace and the low input stimulation the game gives. So maybe it's just me after all! :-)

I can see the overall implementation is quite polished on the technical level.

Hope this feedback helps... at least a little bit :-)

Thank you for playing the alpha and giving feedback, I really appreciate it!

I'm already working on making the combos a bit easier and more fun to pull off. I'll be adding the ability to charge your shots, which will pull enemies with more force. This should give players more control over the playfield and reduce the amount of time spent walking from enemy to enemy. Do you think that might make the game more fun for you?

I will also add more audio-visual polish to the game so that everything is a bit juicier and more impactful. As for the environmental kills: They're still a bit experimental so I'll think about ways to make them more relevant or fun to use. Thank you for the suggestion!