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I understand what you're saying; my choice of words on this could've been better.

I can see why you're suggesting I change it to "complex" games, because "longer" is too nebulous a term.

Can I ask what you'd suggest? What I'm getting at isn't so much games that are much more complicated (i.e. expansive open-world games, or nonlinear story games) but rather trying to guide people who are just going from their first, probably-simple game (where they're mainly focusing on grasping use of the tools) to starting out on their first "full" game, now they feel a bit more confident. It's about helping them plan this.

Given that, how do you feel I should change my title? Is "complex" still the right word, in your opinion?

I'd say "Larger" would be even better because "complex" will have a different meaning, like when you decide to create a harvest moon clone. But larger is definitely not a small game and may contains either or both complex and longer gameplay.

Yeah "Structuring a larger game project" sounds more convincing imo.