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Perhaps you need to tell more about the game first? Because writing "this game is still in development" is not really helpful.

That was the reason I shared this afterall.

I'd say "Larger" would be even better because "complex" will have a different meaning, like when you decide to create a harvest moon clone. But larger is definitely not a small game and may contains either or both complex and longer gameplay.

Yeah "Structuring a larger game project" sounds more convincing imo.

Listened to this, until you said "20 mins" project as already a long project. Well, honestly I'm not sure about that. 

Maybe you'd be better to define what is a "long project". A playtime imo doesn't qualify it as a long project. You could have 10 mins intro scene including tutorial or whatnot, then 10 mins of dungeon crawling with some battles and it still feels a short project. You can have one hour game but it's basically just a linear game where you just walk straight into the linear part and it still feels like a short project.

Or maybe, you want to change the term from "longer project" into "complex project". Because I don't think "longer project" will suffer from management difficulty like switches/variables management. Because you can just use next switches/variables and it will still fine because you may not want to touch the previous switches since your game is linear. But for the complex one, it may be because you may want to keep coming back to the same map and things get too complex because of the switches/variables interactions.

When you said v0.1, it's no joke that it's v0.1. It's really short that imo it doesn't even classified as a demo, but some sort of teaser / prototype. Plan to expand further later?