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Loved the look of the game and had fun playing it too! I kept on trying to press WASD to move and the pathfinding made it so I was always walking into things which was slightly irritating. But the combat mechanics where on point (I found myself planning my abilities before I moved into the next section, trying to get all the enemies to line up so I could shoot through them all). The bastion like way that the ground becomes visible is cool and it really got me exploring every nook and cranny to see weather I could go down a different path.

As a criticism, the NPC’s felt dull. I know this is just a demo, but I think with some good world building this could not only solve this, but really engage me with the game. Why am I helping these people etc. I know – early development now but I’m finding it had to criticise. I think I had a bug where I couldn’t see everything in my inventory properly. I was picking stuff up but couldn’t access it – this might have been because my inventory was full.

 Finally, the range of items was really good – I enjoyed looking though them and deciding what my best outfit would be.


Well done peeps, looking forward to playing more!

Thank you for your feedback. The controls of the game are not in the final state. There were already multiple discussions of clicking vs. WASD. Glad that you liked the combat! And thank you for the feedback regarding the NPCs. As you already mentioned yourself they are just placeholders, there is definitely some space for improvement.

Hope to provide you with more content in the future!