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Nice! Glad you liked it!

Thank you for letting us know :-) We will look into it.

Thanks again for your lets play! We already said it on twitter: We really enjoyed your video and hope that you enjoyed our small demo aswell :-)

Wow nice! Thank you for showing our game! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for this awesome video! It is really well done!

We are planning to go on Steam very soon! Regarding Russian... unfortunately we do not have a Russian translator.

Yeah, thank you for lets playing our demo! Nice video!

Thank you for your feedback. The controls of the game are not in the final state. There were already multiple discussions of clicking vs. WASD. Glad that you liked the combat! And thank you for the feedback regarding the NPCs. As you already mentioned yourself they are just placeholders, there is definitely some space for improvement.

Hope to provide you with more content in the future!

Good to hear, that you liked it. Thanks for your feedback! Can you describe the bug you found a little more in detail? We would love to look into that.

Thank you very much for this cool lets play and thanks for your feedback! We are in fact thinking about the movement a lot. This is not the final version of the controls we guess :)

Very sorry for the bug you encountered! We will have a look into it today and will hotfix it soon. Lonesome still has a lot of bugs at this point unfortunately. We hope that enjoyed it anyways and got an idea of what we are trying to do with this game.

Yeah, what a cool lets play! Thanks for checking out our demo! Awesome work!

Hey guys,

Lonesome is a single player hack and slay rpg in an atmospheric low polygone style world that is created via appearing and disappearing tiles. It is controlled via mouse and hot keys.

A terrible plague is spreading across the country. Many people have been infected. Once they loose the fight, instead of just dying, they turn into horrible living dead. While you travel alongside the beautiful landscapes you try to find the source of this plague.

We would love if you check it out!

Updates are posted regularly on our twitter page:

Thank you, glad to hear that the game is to your liking! We will consider participating.

We are working on that. Steam has some regulations and takes some time. I guess we are on Steam in about a month,