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pssssst ;)

Glad you liked it!

Thank you very much for checking out the game! I really enjoyed your playthrough!

Thanks a lot! Lonesome is the only game that receives Linux support, since it is my main project that I put my time and effort in. Sorry mate :)

Hey, sorry but sadly SCRAPKRIEG won't be available on Linux :(

Thank you for playing Lonesome and I am glad you enjoyed it! Really enjoyed your walkthrough! Sorry for the errors in the texts, I will definitely have a native speaker looking over it.

Could you please join my discord? In the #alpha-testing channel you will find a script that will help you making it run. If that doesn't work, DM me in discord.

Thank you for playing and I am glad that you liked it! I've received the feedback regarding the dialogues a couple of times and I guess I will have to do something about it :)

There are plans for localisation indeed, which are planned as goals for the kickstarter campaign. If you are interested in contributing I would like you to join my discord and post your service in #translation

Really enjoyed your playthrough! Thank you very much for checking out Lonesome!

Thank you for playing Lonesome! New content will be added soon, promised! :)

Glad to hear :)

Thanks! Will be updated regularly :)

Very cool video! Thanks for checking out Lonesome!

Hey, the dev here. The first part of Lonesome chapter 1 is now released. If you like, you can check it out. I've released it for free on itch io:

I am thankful for any feedback and criticism. Thanks a lot :)

Thank you very much for your feedback. I will definitely work with it. Your points are true and I will update the demo within the next days / weeks (fixing bugs, polishing and also adding new content)

Thank you!

Hey guys, I' ve just released Chapter 1 of my atmospheric mystery RPG Loneomse. It would mean the world to me if you would give it a try! Thanks :)

Thanks! I hope you had some fun playing it, unfortunately I can't understand a word 😃

glad you liked playing it! :)

Thanks, glad you liked it! Apparently, you did very well. I have never reached level 7 😃 

Thank you for playing, really enjoyed your video! Sorry that you got cornered so frequently but I am sure that I can fix that ;-)

Hey mate, thank you for playing Listen Sparky! Really enjoyed watching you and glad that you had fun playing it!

And thanks for your feedback regarding the sound control. We added a slider to increase / decrease sound volume within the latest version, but the game is still missing the device detection.


Nice! Glad you liked it!

Thank you for letting us know :-) We will look into it.

Thanks again for your lets play! We already said it on twitter: We really enjoyed your video and hope that you enjoyed our small demo aswell :-)

Wow nice! Thank you for showing our game! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for this awesome video! It is really well done!

We are planning to go on Steam very soon! Regarding Russian... unfortunately we do not have a Russian translator.