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I wasn't saying anything about the length or the game itself. I never even played the game.

I was saying if you're going to charge for a game, you need to let people know what they're paying for. Your game page has zero promotional materials. 8 still images of the game is NOT enough. Recording a video of your own game is NOT time consuming, you could do it in 20 minutes.

As your game page is now, there is no way to even know your game even RUNS without paying for it! Of course most people aren't going to buy it! How do expect to make any money at all without even showing people that your game is capable of running? For an indie game, that's absurd. You can't ask your players to pay for your game if you haven't provided any promotional material. People need to know what they're paying for if you want them to pay for it.

I hear ya that it sucks you don't make more money with indie games, but when you're the one not giving anyone enough REASONS to pay the money and try it out for themselves, it's your fault and your fault alone.

I would have purchased your game myself if I were able to see what the gameplay was like, but as it is now with your 8 screenshots I can't even be gauranteed it runs higher than 15fps.

Make a game trailer.

The game is pretty nice, is just so short. Run perfectly even with me recording 1080p at the same time. here is my video about the game for you =)

You're right, the game is short, but I work alone, I do not have a development team, of course, I put it right at least 1 euro to value my work, I also think that paid to have some material in unrel and objects and the time that it took me ...