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I'm sorry if the game did not like, but I do not have a development team, I do everything myself, when you find a pretty nice game and because they have a team as well as having experience, I have learned the Unreal engine program, and then after a while I wanted to try to make an indie horror alone and putting it at a low price because it took me five months to finish it, it's not easy to create a game, but there is not anything wrong then over time begin to improve .

Thanks :)

You're right, the game is short, but I work alone, I do not have a development team, of course, I put it right at least 1 euro to value my work, I also think that paid to have some material in unrel and objects and the time that it took me ...

I thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I work alone I have a development team :)

Thanks for the compliments, I really enjoy it :)

Hello, you understand though I work alone and it takes me too long to realize such a project, create a game is quite complex in fact I made very little at 1 euro you pay even a coffee is actually I'll take 80 cents even 1 euro because we also pay my taxes, I'm sorry next time if I create another title I will try to make it as long as possible :)

Hello, I saw your gameplay on my game, you're a great :) you're right anyway the game is short but try to understand me I will work alone and it took me one month to achieve it, in fact I put it to you 1 euro you do not pay even a coffee :)

Hello, I'm glad you liked it :)