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Let's Play of Within!

A topic by RadiCarl created Nov 12, 2016 Views: 348 Replies: 4
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It was WAAAAY shorter than I anticipated but it was a cool little experience.
Visually superb.

Stay Rad Everybody!!


Hello, I saw your gameplay on my game, you're a great :) you're right anyway the game is short but try to understand me I will work alone and it took me one month to achieve it, in fact I put it to you 1 euro you do not pay even a coffee :)

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Man just continue your project, is so amazing i would pay much more for the full game, thank you very much =)

It was a REALLY good looking game! :D And I don't mind putting 1€ on a game :) Not at all! It was well made! It would be cool of you kept on working on it! I would love to see more of this experience! :D

Hey here is my gameplay about Within, i Loved the game and i would like to see a full version. Continue the wonderful job guys, amazing graphics.