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I feel like this could make for a great puzzle-platformer, if you added in some puzzle elements, as well, but what you have here is already enjoyable! Also there was a massive difficulty spike between the eleven'o clock and twelve'o clock levels, so I feel there could have been a more gradual difficulty increase between the levels instead. The main character is a cute birb. :o I imagine she (or he, or they, or it) is a mechanical clockwork birb. :o

Thank you for your response! I had an idea of some puzzles, but all of them broke the pacing of the game, and introducing new elements was a challenge in making a tutorial. Also, puzzle elements would have to go together with the aesthetic which I just couldn't do in time 😅 And yeah, I was really anxious by the end of levels that they were too easy, I should have thought them through better. The bird indeed is mechanical, and I guess the pronouns would be it/its