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it was just very laggy, like the type where it slows down instead of skipping ahead

my G O D this game ran terribly (until i defeated the monsters) for some reason, which makes sense with the theme of the jam; there was obviously some thought put into making the world map make sense though, with it being a bit big, though there's no collision with most map objects and every enemy is the same, which is a plus

the pixelated and low-color-depth aesthetics and sheer absurdity of the art style coupled with the fuckin, trump and covid of all things, along with the frantic, offkey music is just hilarious to me; i managed to get a high score of 50

goddamn it snapple

i feel like it's fun to talk to the other jammers while making the game, socialising and what not

I don't have a friend to play this with, and the winning screen said that the blue side one, even when both sides were red.

I feel like this could make for a great puzzle-platformer, if you added in some puzzle elements, as well, but what you have here is already enjoyable! Also there was a massive difficulty spike between the eleven'o clock and twelve'o clock levels, so I feel there could have been a more gradual difficulty increase between the levels instead. The main character is a cute birb. :o I imagine she (or he, or they, or it) is a mechanical clockwork birb. :o

It was challenging to get to the door in the third cycle :o. Nice.

This is a really well done jam game. It reminds me of Antichamber a little bit, with the theme of confusion and non-elucidity. It could turn out to be a great game if developed further! :o But one small problem I had, though was that the player didn't move immediately when I pressed a movement key, it always waited a little bit (like less than a second) to start moving, also the framerate's a bit low, but those are small things in a game jam game! Good job!


Very interesting concept, made me feel strange emotions, but the dialogue bugged out for me at the end, repeating once and then disappearing with The Creator's portrait remaining. :(

First of all, the music is nice and chill. :o Eventually the screen gets really crowded, so I only managed to get 28 apples. I wonder if it's even possible to get all 50. Maybe some form of health would help? Also the apples in the HUD going in a spiral shape is a nice touch.

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Interesting concept, but still has some problems: The health bar is way too big, the player dot seems to move for a bit after I let go of the movement buttons (seems to be for as long as I held them down), and the enemies can't be damaged. But this could be interesting if polished and fleshed out. :o

My only comment about this is that it would have been nice to have a restart button. :o

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Nice visuals and awesome music! Though, the sharp downward turns on the top side made it a bit hard to see, unless that was the intention. But nice concept!

unreal engine does that ;p


Really reminds me of my mortality :,)

The way I do it is that I simply let go of the key while I'm moving towards the door; the key retains my momentum and it hits the door, unlocking it.

The key has to touch the door physically while you're not holding it.


The previous two jams I've been in have had discord servers and something like that brings a nice sense of community, for me at least I think.

okie :3

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when we build it for windows, should it be for 64 bit, or 32 bit?

i am

it doesn't even work