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Thanks ! did you played it ?

Unfortunately, no. I did watch the videos and without a demo to test against my system specs. My current system specs probably wouldn't meet the requirements needed play it.


Try this

Its the free version with ads and without bonuses package but you can test here

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The test was very good. Though, I was thinking it to be more of a platformer. Instead, it seems to be time based(some what like dragons lair in the earlier 80's). In fact, if this will have more puzzled based scenario's in the future; Where tapping at the rite moment or moving the cursor to complete the scene's that merge a broader story-board concept. I think this would be a great source of increasing a retro audience. As I myself, grew up in the era that you've grasped well.

Again, Good luck with your future endeavors.


Thanks a lot mrpete

Many told me about dragons lair actually

I was inspired by old mega cd in fact , never played dragons lair

But yeah taping right unlokc more of the anime , i find that super cool

I wanted the game to stay that way but didnt knew people would hated cause its not a platformer

I'll try to add something in the like for the android version i'm trying to make

But it will be like the hidden minigame in the current game , not something HUGE , the anime interactive is short yeah but it was a nightmare to create , really crazy hard even with my 8g memory new computer o_o'