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I wrote one for ReCo2k19, inspired by Anais Mitchell's Hadestown.

Heaven in the Dust is a GMless roleplaying game about flawed Greek gods struggling with scarcity and mortality down in the dust and dirt of a hostile world. It charts the gods' messy relationships, their tangled feuds, their old flames and new loves, and their decisions as they attempt to build community and find happiness on a foundation of shifting sand.

It gives us lonely roads and towering smokestacks, empty bellies and heavy hearts, fireside camps and strangers' barns; old grudges, swift infatuations, messy loves, precarious community; lilting folk songs and raucous jazz, and always The Fates singing in the back of your head, asking "what are you gonna do now?"


oh wow shit how did I miss that it sounds amazing

Right? Dustbowl poor but also Hera... so cool.