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my main gripe with this game is that most of the time in the overworld I keep forgetting where I'm going, I thought I'd find a map eventually but it still hasn't happened

I also can't seem to get a grip on the hitboxes in the second boss, when I try to dodge I just get hit from something else and I keep getting hit, or it'll look like i shouldnt have been hit and i get hit anyway

by the time i get back i can't even remember what i needed to focus on and i just die again, let alone being able to get in any damage while all this is going on

not only that but the waves and slashes keep getting out of time so I'll get stuck in a jumping time from the wave that will hit me in the slash or vice versa

The second boss has a very annoying counter that actually hits further and further away from the boss but also keeps hitting close. Basically, everytime you hit him, it will do a 4 slash counter WHILE doing his normal slashes and that ground thingy as well. So you have to time your attacks in such a way that you can run back and then jump over the normal slash at the end (Or duck under it without getting hit by ground)

It's by far the hardest boss though, with the third boss being waaaaaaay too easy in comparison. I beat the second boss by running around the overworld more, getting some extra health, less damage from hits and extra damage with my own hits, and then I managed to just barely kill him while afterwards absolutely murdering the third boss.

>Claims laughably easy third boss

>Third boss was utterly unfair for me


That is weird. Though I spent a lot of time getting all kinds of artefacts. Doubled my weapons strength, halved damage received and I think I doubled my life as well, though it's been a while, not sure. But with the third boss, I really just ran up and hit him till he was dead. No moves.

So, I have replayed the game just to be sure I was correct and yeah, I totally beat the third boss easy, though now I know where to get all the items, so the second boss was pretty easy as well.

My trick was not worrying about trying to get up there as best you can, instead trying to get into a pattern of jumping from left to right. In most cases, the white balls will be either on the left OR the right and the bull's attacks are very predictable. What helped me as well, was jumping near the end of every one of the bulls attacks so he reappears in the row above me and I can focus on avoiding the white balls.

It took me a few times to get into the groove. When I did find myself in a position where I'd get hit by something, I turn so I fall back towards most of the platform and not all the way to the ground. If you do fall though, don't try to clamber up as fast as you can, because that'll get you panicking and in trouble!