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did you hire the guy who did Papers Please to do the art? it looks surprisingly similar, really cool style

Since after update 0.9 it seems like the feature where the picture changes when you unequip things has been disabled, will this still be in the final release? I think this feature is cute and fun. I suppose it was probably disabled because it is very in-progress?

it seems like it's possible to mash too fast, at a higher brawn level will we be able to see the thresholds for failure?

I know I saw that he (Zhokar) is at least going to have a romance route in another comment, so there's hope there.

ah yeah fair enough

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this game is very cute. I found myself mixing up which direction to swap my powerups a lot, but that's kinda just what happens when I'm not used to the game yet

I was thinking, if you're having trouble fitting buttons in on Pico8, have you ever tried using O or X as a modifier key? it might have been interesting to hold X down and press left or right for the pap, and up/down for the other two.. maybe that's too complicated for this game, but in the future if you're ever hurting for keys that might help

I think I should ask, Will the world end up being a sort of exploratory rpg kind of thing once the story is finished? like between towns you use the mechanics to explore, fight, forage, buy/sell to gear yourself up before the next town? or will it be fairly similar to the first week where everything is more static... I was assuming the first week in the wilderness was something like a tutorial going over everything once just to make sure you understand it and the rest would be random stuff?

so far my only complaint is the parchment filter is too strong over killigan's portrait in the equipment menu :P otherwise really amazing stuff, and I'm thinking this is going to end up an amazing game

this project is looking so amazing, I'm very excited to see where it all ends up

359 worked for me

one funny thing I noticed while testing a turbo button is if you click 30 times a second the loading bar pauses because it doesnt have enough time to keep going down

really cute ... something I'm curious about, did you guys ever experiment with giving the world sprites little bits that show? not erect or wet or anything but just like .. basically a "more-nude" mod?

maybe.... is there more than two "forks" from day 2? im really not figuring out what I'm missing

hmmm I think I'm missing something ... for the one ??? i haven't seen yet, is there something different you have to do on the first day that isn't "optimal" hearts-wise? i dont want to ask for a walkthrough here but I need a hint to figure this out, cause I think I have the highest hearts route and I don't know what to change to get the other interactions

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my main gripe with this game is that most of the time in the overworld I keep forgetting where I'm going, I thought I'd find a map eventually but it still hasn't happened

I also can't seem to get a grip on the hitboxes in the second boss, when I try to dodge I just get hit from something else and I keep getting hit, or it'll look like i shouldnt have been hit and i get hit anyway

by the time i get back i can't even remember what i needed to focus on and i just die again, let alone being able to get in any damage while all this is going on

not only that but the waves and slashes keep getting out of time so I'll get stuck in a jumping time from the wave that will hit me in the slash or vice versa