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Heya. I finally got the game yesterday morning. Straight away: brilliant job, I love the art style and storybook character of it all. I also spent way too many hours on it right off the bat. Since this is a beta I wanted to share some first observations I made along the way and question that formed for me:

- Transformations. As far as I could tell the only one that seemed to have an impact other than visuals so far was the fire-touched. Turned my archer right into an epic sneak thief with fireballs. Not everything necessarily has to be so drastic, obviously, but is it planned for crow-touched and so on to have some effects (maybe just a stat boost or something) as well? 

- Family relations & bosses have already been mentioned by others, so I'll just include them to second that. Could generally use a bit more work. I ran into the "mother in the party, but meeting the random mother" event just as a poster below. It was quite funny.

- Related to that, how about a way to *remove* members from the party permanently? Either by rejecting them or sending older ones off to early retirement. A "send away / home" button of sorts. Right now, things get very cluttered in chapter 4 & 5. If I'm only really using my "main 5", personally, I'd like a way to send off most others (other than getting them killed on purpose, which so far seems to be the only way to do it).

- Going with that: I'm not sure what I think of "child of hero X" that joins the party having a set class. It always seems to be one I *don't* need at that moment, like that 3rd mystic no one asked for. Then again, this has forced me to play some unusual party combinations I wouldn't have tried otherwise - which might be the intention? I can definitely live with it if that's the case, but I also see the potential for it to be an annoyance for someone less flexible or creative with builds. Not everyone will think just to stick a bow and that 3rd mystic. A compromise could be a special event or place where someone can be re-trained into another class. Stick a hefty LP cost on it (will probably reset their level as well, because of the abilities) so players would still be highly encouraged to instead make do with what they have, but the possibility would be there. Just an idea off the top of my head.

- Mystics. They can be brilliant - and then there are those 5 battles in a row, where all that's around is stone and "calcify". It's not a problem, just an observation of (probably) bad RNG luck. I've gone to sticking a bow on all my mystics in case. Maybe this situation could be helped by rethinking the spells available a bit. Like a "minor stone throw" added next to calcify, something on plants.. just so they can stick to their role and still be useful, even if it's just shredding armour or a crowd control ability like "shackle" for example ("entangle" on plants, say). Nothing that effects the balance too much, obviously. Just something for them to do within their class abilities.

- Glitches: I only came across a single one through the 2 campaigns I've played so far. In the story panel where your character becomes flame-touched. There's story, then the battle for that tile, and after that more story. In the one after the fight, another party member commented on my flame-touched character and "if we're just going to ignore this" - except they weren't actually talking to my flame-touched as intended. The panel showed another character (one that became infected with the green-stuff.. elm-touched? way earlier), and that elm-touched one responded as if they were the flame-touched person. An obvious mix-up. 

Bit of a textwall, but hopefully helpful as well. Away from these, I really don't have anything to say for now other than I'm having a great time playing. I'll check back with feedback if I notice something else though. :)


Thanks for this, good feedback!

* Yeah, transformations, we do want those to be game changers. We'll work on making them more flavorful.
* family and bosses definitely.
* removing members - interesting, I like the idea of early retirement that gives you campaign-level bonuses, like, "go found a new town" or "set up a dojo" or something like that.
* more control over children - that makes sense, but feels less urgent than some of the other priorities... Something we'd want to get around to eventually though
* mystics - yeah... some mystic abilities (ignite, arches) try to solve this, but I hear what you're saying... I wonder if Calcify could give +physical damage instead of +warding, which is sortof garbage on mystics anyway..... weird thought.... then your mystic could shift to being a melee beast in the right circumstances...
* field of fire bug - we are tracking that one, should have a fix in next patch. Bugfixes will always be high priority.

Glad you're enjoying the game!

I'm definitely looking forward to that, the transformation idea is really cool. Rest sounds good as well. I like the idea for both early retirement and the mystic (as long as it's still balanced, obviously). The children really aren't much of a priority, just something I noticed.

Just keep up the good work. :)