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Hi there! First of all, I don't earn anything on that game and the source material is credited in the game's credits. :) I've never claimed Sarn4 & Rinmaru's art as my own and will never do. 

On another note, when I started this game I was pretty sure the assets from the avatar game was free to use as long as it was for non commercial use (which is the case here), but recently I found out it was not. The project is currently on hold and this issue is one of the main reason. :) I need to contact Rinmaru/Sarn4 directly to know if there is any chance to get a proper authorization to use these assets for a non commercial game and if not, find another solution. ^^ But as the game will probably be a free game, I cannot work with an artist as I would feel bad for not being able to pay him/her. So yeah, this is currently an issue I'm working on. :)

But please, do not openly accuse someone of claiming art as their own when the source is credited... Thanks. :)


Well that's a bit of a road bump, isn't it? Have you managed to contact them? It would be a shame if the game got stalled because of this.

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Sorry for the loooong delay: unfortunately, for now the game is on hiatus until further notice. :) I might put the first chapter for download at some point.

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Yeah, that'd be great. Even if you don't finish the rest of the game it'd be a shame to miss out on the work you put into chapter 1.