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Yeah, that'd be great. Even if you don't finish the rest of the game it'd be a shame to miss out on the work you put into chapter 1.

Well that's a bit of a road bump, isn't it? Have you managed to contact them? It would be a shame if the game got stalled because of this.

Nice little game, if frustrating at parts... 

I made a review on youtube:

You could release the game chapter by chapter as you first make it, and then bundle it all together once the final chapter is complete. That's one possibility.

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Just played the demo. Really good start! The characters were all distinct and their conversations with each other and and different reactions to things were interesting. There's a lot of puzzle potential revolving around the  four different main characters with their personalities and theme colors. Like I was wondering if the four "muse" notes would serve as hints for something later. on. One thing I really appreciated that a lot of RPG maker based horror games have trouble with is I was never lost about where to go next. Some games leave you hanging and you have to backtrack to every single area and inspect every single thing to figure out what you missed to proceed, which is incredibly tedious, but that never happened here.

Of course the game only just began when the demo ended, and I'm assuming the puzzles will get trickier as it continues and the game will get scarier.

Also, I know you mentioned not being sure if you would charge money or have it be a free game. You could do the "name your price" option, and basically do both. If the game stays at this quality, I'd gladly put down a few dollars for it.

Really looking forward to Chapter 1!