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Hello everyone! Welcome to my 4th devlog on Link It Up!

Since my last devlog I made some smaller improvements to my game. One of those improvements is that now, when you move the line, both dots leave a marker that helps you to understand where will the line be if you reset it.

Besides that, I added some optional collectibles (well, in the level bellow they aren't really "optional" :D).
I plan on using these collectibles for some kind of non-linear level progression. I'm still not sure how it is going to work though, so if you can point out to me some games that use non-linear level progression I'd be very thankful for that.
For now, it's just a thought that I have, we'll see how it goes.

I made some levels as well. Last time I focused more on making platforming levels and this time and focused more on puzzles, and I'm quite satisfied how some of these levels turned out.
Here're some examples:

I'm near the end of this project and I'm really satisfied to see how it comes along. 
Hopefully, I'll manage to finish it before the deadline I set for myself. I still have to make about 10 new levels, then choose the best ones for the final game, and of course to figure out the progression.
I hope you'll enjoy the game when it comes out.

Thanks for reading this devlog!

If you haven't seen my showcase video of Link It Up!, Check it out here: