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Just started playing the closed beta.  A few things I noticed.

1. On title screen, under Urtuk’s Story, disease is spelled wrong.

2.On the party screen, it shows current xp, but not the xp threshold for the next level.  It would be nice to show this.

3.  I accidentally dismissed one of my characters.  I was adding points while leveling up.  The dismiss button if right under the  + buttons for the stats.  I thought I was undoing the points I had just added to my character.  Afterwards I saw the tooltip that pops up if you hover the mouse over the dismiss button.  There should be a warning/confirm window pop up when someone clicks dismiss.  Also, the location of the button should move away from the level up stats.

4.  Also on the party screen, for Urtuk, in the far right window with the yellow “PRIEST” heading, aldehyde is spelled wrong.

5. It would be nice to have an undo button or confirm button for leveling up since you can’t see how your stats change until after you spend the points.   

I love the art style!   I’m just getting started, so I’ll update as I go.   I start spring break this weekend, so I will have a lot of free time soon.   How long will the beta last?

Thanks Lynchen for your spots, will fix soon!

beta will last for another 3 weeks. I would love to see you play through the whole game, right now you can win the beta by 4-6 hours, so it's not too long.