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Thanks for the feedback, BeregAlto!

1) In which level you had trouble? Also you have trouble understanding the objectives or something else like how to move/push tiles? The tutorial in level 1 didn't help? If the objectives where the case maybe showing the objectives at each level start.
2) Again here in which level you had trouble seeing the borders of tiles? In most levels only the movable tiles (with white border) and the blacks (the dark ones) are important, the rest of the level's tiles for gameplay purposes is background.

Oh, I guess it`s going through all first 4 levels I played. 

I don`t have problem with understanding objectives, but when I completely figured out what I need to do - I need to make a lot of moves and it`s just boring and long. Like on the image - I need to push tiles like a 20-30 times to finish the level, and I already solved puzzle in my mind.
That`s a point - I can`t tell difference between ground tiles and tiles I can move, because they have similar color.