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The program is pretty stable, having been originally made for use with higher-profile contract projects (Nuclear Throne, Rivals of Aether, Nidhogg) and still used this way. GMEdit also has an option of making a backup whenever a file is saved, making it less likely to corrupt anything than GameMaker itself. However, using version control is still a good thing for your sanity.

As for improved version, I continue to accept donations for an indefinitely large amount of hours that were already put into it, but, as we already know from Parakeet's example, it is very hard to sell GM users a better code editor - even if you put in extra months of work to have a semi-decent room editor and code analysis tools. Otherwise I'd probably take the risk of working on it for some months full-time to build a more or less complete IDE.


Any chance to fix the bug of copy and paste on macOS systems? Sorry to post here.

Yeah okay, it's fixed for the next release. 40 minutes of hooking up peripherals (and figuring out why mac mini doesn't pair with the keyboard anymore) for a 10-minute fix

Alright, great to hear that! Thanks for this awesome tool once again!

By using source control, you mean like the built in GMS one? Or manually pushing using commands? Since as far as I know, up to this day, GM still has issues with its built in source control system..

I recommend the combination of Bitbucket and Gitkraken, so you have free, private repos && a really awesome graphical Git-Client. I love commandline, I really do. I work with it every day, ssh-hopping happily around, managing multiple server... but source control?! No, thanks.