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Alright, great to hear that! Thanks for this awesome tool once again!

By using source control, you mean like the built in GMS one? Or manually pushing using commands? Since as far as I know, up to this day, GM still has issues with its built in source control system..

GMEdit community · Created a new topic Just wondering

Hey, I think I saw somewhere on your documentation that tells us to keep making backups since the program is new. My question would be is this safe at all to use?

I LOVE this to death and if you sell another improved version for 20-30 bucks I'm willing to pay full price, since it's much much faster than GM's.. GM's is insanely slow when I set my laptop on power saving mode... To the point where you have to wait like 1-2 second after typing like "for (var i..." really fast, it's just super laggy. But this editor is just instantaneous, if you type something, it comes out just like that! Much like typing on a notepad... Just awesome.

So if I use this all day everyday working on my projects, basically just set this as my main code editor, would it be safe? Would it corrupt my projects, break them, etc? What are the odds?

Thanks for this awesome thing!


Since downscaling anything in GameMaker looks really really bad (very pixelated), what is the possibility of adding font live updates? So I can resize fonts just by changing font sizes in the asset tree, and see if they fit well.

Hey, just wondering, is it really fixed? I still have this problem for some reason.. It affects my speed quite a lot since I use local vars all the time.