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You rock.

How did you fix self, speaking of which? Could be related to that. I may be able to help look into it with some points of reference.

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Add show_debug_message(other); right under line 8 on the snippet above

Output without GMLive (the expected output):

 {  }

With GMLive:

{ live:context : "gml_Object_objGolem_Step_0", live:function : "objGolem:Step_0+1+1", live:self : { name : "Alex", greet : function gml_Script_vm_group_call_on_func_literal_lf } }

Running on the step event of a fresh new object named "objGolem"

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Hmm I think other isn't working correctly this time around. Under GMLive, referring to other yields an incorrect reference vs. without GMLive. Any quick workarounds for this?

Edit: Yup other was never working in the previous build. Self was fixed however.

Gotcha, thanks!

Any thoughts?

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This throws an error under GMLive. Turns out that methods inside structs cannot read their own variables without being referred to first like in line 7, then reading it by with instead of name or even

self and other doesn't work correctly too I think

Any updates to this?

I was gonna suggest memory issues too. I wonder if increasing the RAM would fix this (or at least extend the running time before the crash). My PC is on a limited motherboard platform, so upgrading means I have to throw 2 sticks away - heck I'd be fine with doing this if that fixes the problem.

It's even more apparent when doing things like drawing inventory items in the form of grids, since you have to constantly nest for loops together.

Tried again with just this. I can confirm this also crashed the runner.

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Hmm, that could very well be it.

I started a fresh new project and have GMLive set up and everything. The only thing I have there is a function that sets the current draw color, font, etc

Something along the line of 

function draw_set(_alpha, _font, _color) {





Then I simply executed that function 3 times in my Step/Draw event

draw_set(1, fn_SegoeUI_14, c_white);
draw_set(1, fn_SegoeUI_14, c_white);
draw_set(1, fn_SegoeUI_14, c_white);

This causes a crash after a while.

Removing these 3 lines allowed the game to run indefinitely. Since the function arguments are treated like local vars, that could be it.

In my case I get this if I'm converting a 2.2 project that has GMLive extension, to 2.3

 Removing GMLive (all of its components e.g objects, scripts, extension packages, etc) on that 2.2 before converting to 2.3 fixes this ghost file existence.

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After GMLive has run for a while (sometimes just a couple of seconds), the runner exits with non-zero status seemingly at random. This happens on 2 machines that I've tested.

Simply enable live call in any object's draw GUI event, then leave it as is and wait.. (The object has to be active and running within that scene)

After a bit, it'll crash/exit with non-zero status.

There's also no error log to assist with the troubleshooting too. This is all the message that I get.

Gotcha! instance_get works for now. Any potential downside to it?

So on my end delta_time is undefined, but only on places where it's live_enabled for some reason.

Looks like it works. Is there any side effects to this?

Still looking for a quick way to enable/disable it temporary since I got a ton of live calls, it'd be a chore to have to delete/add those live calls lines back again.

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Not sure what's going on, but this happens on an empty project. Nothing in it, other than barebone GMLive objects, extensions, etc setup.

Setting live_enabled to 0 still allows GMLive to run for some reason?

hey, how do you change the fps of the tween?

I only started using this on a different machine.. On my main machine it works no problem... 

Fresh install of windows 10, not much has been added yet

Ok did that and still doesn't work. I tried copying the corresponding MSVCR100.dll to the location of my gmlive server exe, now the error becomes 

`The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.`

Tried downloading latest msvc redist, but still doesn't work, what's up?

Is it intentional perhaps?

What about the little vertical line that still exists in the middle despite of having resized the window?

(I gestured it on minute 0:13)

(I think the video explained it well)

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Hey cdsimmons, just a random question, what did you use to tween the sword?

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I got this error

HttpError:HttpSendRequest: The date in the certificate is invalid or has expired

What's wrong? On my server it doesn't say anything, 

Thank you so much!! I sure will do :D

Hey, thanks for this awesome asset!!! I have a question though.

Can I use this on my paid Udemy course? Can I have my students use these?

Alright, great to hear that! Thanks for this awesome tool once again!

By using source control, you mean like the built in GMS one? Or manually pushing using commands? Since as far as I know, up to this day, GM still has issues with its built in source control system..

GMEdit community · Created a new topic Just wondering

Hey, I think I saw somewhere on your documentation that tells us to keep making backups since the program is new. My question would be is this safe at all to use?

I LOVE this to death and if you sell another improved version for 20-30 bucks I'm willing to pay full price, since it's much much faster than GM's.. GM's is insanely slow when I set my laptop on power saving mode... To the point where you have to wait like 1-2 second after typing like "for (var i..." really fast, it's just super laggy. But this editor is just instantaneous, if you type something, it comes out just like that! Much like typing on a notepad... Just awesome.

So if I use this all day everyday working on my projects, basically just set this as my main code editor, would it be safe? Would it corrupt my projects, break them, etc? What are the odds?

Thanks for this awesome thing!


Since downscaling anything in GameMaker looks really really bad (very pixelated), what is the possibility of adding font live updates? So I can resize fonts just by changing font sizes in the asset tree, and see if they fit well.

Hey, just wondering, is it really fixed? I still have this problem for some reason.. It affects my speed quite a lot since I use local vars all the time.