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Probably this is a very, very late time to post this but... the MC name could be changable. Not that I have anything against "Seraphina's" name. It just doesn't connect with me. ^_^'

And probably because I'm used to being able to change the MC name in most games... but, aside from that, it's a very nice game. Good job!

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Hey there Lenneth! I appreciate the feedback! I respect your preference, but perhaps I can shed some light on everything?  Seraphina's name actually couldn't be changeable, even early into production-- Seraphina's name has a massive role of the game lore. Her name is what it is for a very, very important reason. The entire game was about the power of names, and I felt that by making her name changable I would be undermining my entire message. 

I was very careful to make sure Seraphina wasn't a self-insert or blank slate-- she's very much a defined character of mine so I hope that helps understand my decision a bit more!  My OCs are very precious to me, so I appreciate you taking the time to play my small passion project!

Anyway thank you so much for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the name choice not being your cup of tea!