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Lenneth Valkyrie

A member registered Mar 03, 2019

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Probably this is a very, very late time to post this but... the MC name could be changable. Not that I have anything against "Seraphina's" name. It just doesn't connect with me. ^_^'

And probably because I'm used to being able to change the MC name in most games... but, aside from that, it's a very nice game. Good job!

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Hi! I played this and I must say I found it funny and intriguing... I'll probably check out Beauty and the War. But I'm a bit curious about something Onix says in his "Valentine path"... he says that Arsenik will come pick you up... but in a "map" of clan relationships it seems that the Hudler Clan is enemy with the Vi, so... how come Onix is asking for Arsenik help? =S

Anyway, nice "side story"... keep up the good work!