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I loved the game! I  found only one bug and described it when rating this piece of art 5 stars. Did you find the bug I mentioned?

I am glad you enjoyed your experience! For some reason I havent received any notifications to go along with any ratings and I havent been able to work out how to check comments associated with them. :(

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Ok. I will write it here too, then. I loved the Earthbound and Doom referencies. I played with gamepad. When I pressed 'B' to leave menu, sometimes game glitches. During these glitches, if I keep pressing 'B' to leave, game eventually crashes. It happened 3 times. Generally when I was giving green herb to my characters, and pressing 'B' to return to the game. That was the only bug I found. Fortunately, I always save between fights. So, I didn't loose too much time between crashes. But, hey... You should launch this game on Steam as it is... and keep on releasing the chapters from time to time. It already looks very professional. Congratulations on your RPG.

Thank you for letting me know! Unfortunately its not something I have been able to replicate on my end with my xbox one controller BUT its hopefully something that will get fixed with the next update which will be exported using a more recent version of RPGM MV and contain a few other small bug fixes and tweaks that have been brought to my attention. Im sorry that its something you had to deal with during your experience with the game.

As for Steam, it is something I had thought about but I am not a fan of the platforms current business practices so I am going to wait on it  a bit. Perhaps at a later date. :)