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Totally unfair grades! This game is 100/100! This is so much better than the commercial crap that I find in Steam and Playstation stores!

Very nice art and animations!

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Ok. I will write it here too, then. I loved the Earthbound and Doom referencies. I played with gamepad. When I pressed 'B' to leave menu, sometimes game glitches. During these glitches, if I keep pressing 'B' to leave, game eventually crashes. It happened 3 times. Generally when I was giving green herb to my characters, and pressing 'B' to return to the game. That was the only bug I found. Fortunately, I always save between fights. So, I didn't loose too much time between crashes. But, hey... You should launch this game on Steam as it is... and keep on releasing the chapters from time to time. It already looks very professional. Congratulations on your RPG.

I loved the game! I  found only one bug and described it when rating this piece of art 5 stars. Did you find the bug I mentioned?

I am sorry to contact you here, but I did not get your feedback elsewhere. I am an indie game dev. I ordered all of your Horror tilesets. They are amazing and fit well in my indie game. I am customizing the art of this game with art from other artists now. Do you work as a freelancer for small requests (like new vehicles and characters)? Thank you for your time and congratulations for you work! Sincerely, T.

Hi! Nice work! 

What is your professional contact? I tried to to get in touch with you in Twitter a couple weeks ago but I got no answer.

Thank you for your time.



Wonderful art. Is it optimized for use in RPG MAKER MV?

It would fit perfectly to the game we are doing, though.

It is easy to adapt, actually! The problem is with me. I don't know how to configure tilesets, unfortunately. You have done a nice job with this one, BTW!

Is it compatible with RPG MAKER MV out of the box?

Please, I ordered this pack but I can't find a way to configure these tilesets in RPG MAKER MV. They dont seem to fit. Could you please help me?

Você tinha que lançar isto na Play Store, rapaz. Muito bom.