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Wow! What a unique interpretation of the theme! Enjoyed playing the game! I loved how you made a season-clock out of cycles and changed the scene according to it. My score is 16/50 as well (finished 2 years). I think while playing I was mostly trying to avoid getting killed than getting apples... There were just so many! Maybe you could add a few lives, like 3 to make death less punishing (and next step is to add healing items on the map?). Also, I was tempted to look at this beautiful clock (really) instead of looking where I'm going and it had terrible consequences. Maybe you could put a simplified version in a corner of the map? (Small circles for seasons, day/night and apples). Finally I think the cool spinning wheel on the main menu could go to one side of the screen, text to the other - just to make it easier to read. Phew, that was a lot of suggestions, but they're totally optional : )

Thanks for playing! The difficulty is definitely too high. Once I have some desire to come back to it, I'll probably explore different ways to reduce the difficulty, including adding a few extra lives. Your point about the clock essentially being impossible to look at while playing is noted. Spending a bunch of time on things people can't look at while playing the game seems to be a trend for me and game jam games, it seems (my last game jam game had the same issue). Solid point about the main menu as well. All your suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!