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No, it's not possible for revolt to happen when the happiness is positive. Can u show me a screenshot?

I didn't understand about the opaqueness u talked about. Did u read the description?

To quit u have to do Alt+F4. I didn't feel like adding a quit button because it's common knowledge.

The game page's description doesn't say how anything works. The description on each tile only uses relative terms without anything discrete. The description on the right side of the screen only indicates how one trait is derived. The other traits just have raw numbers and weird percentages that shoot up and down. There's no indication on how much the position matters, nor how the military bases need to be placed to affect the "eaters". Further, the "eaters" show up early enough that there's not much time to test anything to get a better feel for what the results will be.

I don't doubt that the happiness can't be positive when a revolt happens, but asking fora  screenshot is pointless. The game goes haywire on game loss. That's part of the problem. I can't tell what went wrong, since the happiness suddenly is negative and game loss happens.

(5 edits)

1. I agree that the game description doesn't say much of how it works, I didn't feel like overwhelming the description with written text

2. For a proper game, a detailed tutorial may be required, but it's a game jam title, so I didn't have much time to do it.  I wrote what I could inside the game.

3. I had a choice whether to give detailed numbers for the tile stats. But I chose not to. Because- 

i) People won't do calculations on their calculators even if I fed them with numbers on everything. 

ii ) I thought people should figure out with their instinct. It's a part of the game. Everything don't need to have numbers to spoon-fed the audience,...well, it's my opinion. 

4. Why does the game dev have to tell how many military tiles u have to put? It's the player's choice. I do know that initially you don't know what 'eaters' are, but I think the player should take the risk.

5. I knowingly introduced Eaters at turn 12. It's a game jam title, u have to introduce as much feature as soon as possible, without the game feeling rushed. People generally don't play game jam games for too long.

6. Negative happiness brings revolt. That's what it is coded. It's a simple code really, and I don't think it can go wrong. You might have lost the game when u lost the mission normally while happiness is still above zero. There are two ways to lose the game. I have tried the game myself around 50 times. I never saw this part of the game glitchy.

7. I'm aware that the game goes haywire when u lose. I was faced with two choices here-whether to leave it as it is, or make it more 'proper'.

I saw that  eliminating the glitch will make it too much normal, and a bit less 'shocking'. 

Keeping it buggy intentionally gave the end game a creepy feel to it (as I felt it)  , which matched with the fate the administrator meets when he fails to accomplish his mission. I just trusted the players to understand it on their own, and of course I'm aware that this idea of mine may backfire sometimes. 

8. Anyway, it's a game jam game. Of course it's not that polished. I'm also not an expert. Plz don't be too harsh on it. XD